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I figured if I added a cute, cheery theme on my blog, maybe it would cheer me up a little.  I don’t feel a whole lot better, but I gotta admit, the bright colors and overall idea kinda made me smile.  I can revert to thinking of all my good memories of this time of […]


Fine line

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These past couple weeks have just not been super great.  I totally accept the fact that the majority of my moodiness, I probably have  more control over than I let myself believe, but I’m just so sick of being me right now.  It doesn’t help that I feel like I haven’t slept at all in […]


Mad long survey.

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I was reading Marilee’s blog, as I do basically every day, and she had this survey on there, so I figured since I don’t have anything else to do at the moment, I’m gonna see if I have the patience to fill it out, since it’s mega insanely long.  LOL (I’m betting she didn’t do […]


Doy Hasta!

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This week has just been… I search for a word and am coming up blank.  I just don’t like this week.  I’m glad it’s Friday and that I can get out of this office for a couple days to clear my mind and convince myself that having a job right now is GOOD and I […]


If I had a million dollars, I’d be rich.

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I have an iPhone “Plugin” for my blog and attempted to use it today and although it’s great for viewing my blog, it’s not so great for posting to it.  I was gonna attempt to write a blog entry from my phone and it didn’t work.  Like at all, nothing was typing out.  Anyway, disappointed. […]


That’s about it.

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I’ve been kinda lazy when it comes to writing here lately, although I’ve had PLENTY of time!  Work has been crazy slow the past few months.  Well, really just every other week.  Because of the way Semi-Monthly payrolls have been falling on my regular busy week for Bi-Weekly’s, I’ve ended up having on insanely busy […]


Birthday weekend

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So, Monday was my 24th Birthday.  I think I can say it was one of my best birthdays for a while.  I just felt relaxed all weekend! On Friday, Sheri brought in pizza and cheesecake for lunch, which I wasn’t expecting because we had all talked about it and since Becky wasn’t going to be […]


Seattle trip

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I finally feel like updating a little on our trip this past weekend.  Like I said, we kinda made a last minute decision to drive up to Seattle to visit Heidi.  We left Thursday night, got there Friday morning and spent the whole day together, then got to hang out Saturday morning/early afternoon, then Heidi […]



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Harmony, Lena and I went to Seattle this weekend to hang out with Addie, even though it was only really for a day.  We left Thursday night and got there Friday morning, spent all day Friday and then half the day Saturday with her (she had to work at like 1) and then headed back.  […]


In Love

Posted by destiny on September 30, 2009 in 2009 Entries |

Yes, with a bag.  I can’t help it, but my co-worker showed me this bag a while ago after she attended a party with one of her friends.  She bought one and got it quickly.  Ever heard of a “Miche Bag”?  O.M.G.  I’m completely girly when it comes to this.  There can’t possibly be a […]

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