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I have an iPhone “Plugin” for my blog and attempted to use it today and although it’s great for viewing my blog, it’s not so great for posting to it.  I was gonna attempt to write a blog entry from my phone and it didn’t work.  Like at all, nothing was typing out.  Anyway, disappointed.

Today, I went to the theater with Lisa and Xoe (and Lisa’s friend “Jody”? and her granddaughter Josi? – ok not sure on their names, something close to that) and saw “New Moon”, so naturally I have to give my opinion.         First of all, I liked it a lot more than “Twilight”, although that could have a LOT to do with the fact that Twilight was NOTICEABLY a lower budget film and this one clearly has a bigger budget.  Secondly, maybe because I’m more familiar with the actors that were chosen to play the characters (still complaints on that, but nothing I can do about it!)  “New Moon” was probably my least favorite book out of the 4 books, but this movie kinda reminded me of the reasons I DID like the book, so I think they did pretty well at sorta “weeding out” the unnecessary parts of the book.  I thought the book was too long and sort of drug out for how little went on in it (basically).  The movie was like 2 1/2 hours long, at least I think, ’cause supposedly the movie started at 2:00 (I didn’t look at the clock when it actually STARTED on the screen, that’s just what the ticket said) and we left the theater at about 4:20… so, if the movie was on time, then yeah…  I laughed at more than a few parts – almost hysterically at one part in particular and I’m not sure why I found it SO funny, but I had to stifle it because everyone else had finished laughing far before I did and of COURSE I cried at the beginning, as I did when reading the book, although not as bad because I was expecting it this time.  When I read the book, I literally SOBBED at the beginning when Edward leaves.  I was prepared to cry this time and I did, but I think I am just better at containing it when I’m in a theater with people around me.  My first criticism, and I realize I’m a pathetic little girl, but WHY is Edward scrawny and hairy?  Normally I don’t really care what a guy looks like when they take their shirt off, but with how detailed Stephenie Meyer was about Edward’s appearance being like “chiseled marble” and his muscles, etc.  I fully expect him to be muscular, sexy and sleek with his shirt off.  So, the second he took his shirt off in Voltura, I found myself immediately thinking “Ew!”  Sigh.  So disappointed.  Most people that have discussed this with me before though already know that I was and still am quite displeased with the director’s choice for “Edward” anyway.  I don’t think he is terrible, and he’s not a terrible actor, but to me, it’s just not EDWARD!  I don’t even really care about the choices for Bella, Jacob and Charlie, although a lot of people seem to, but my biggest complain will continue to be the choice in actor’s for Edward.  There had to have been MANY other options.  Now, I will say I was quite please with Jacob :)  During this book, I was SO attached to Edward that I found myself angry with Jacob, but in this movie, I truly loved him more and more and by the end felt like I wished Bella had gone for Jacob.  LOL  Just sad.  Anyway, all in all I think it was done well and I don’t have nearly as many complaints as with “Twilight”, so… I give it my official rating of an A-.  Well done.

I really cannot wait until next week.  I think Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday are gonna FLY by and I’m fairly positive I’ll be super busy at work, even if all of that is the fact that I’ll be extremely busy trying to get Lamont’s company back in order (Yay!) but it’ll be worth it and I’m glad to have him back.  Then, I have Thursday thru Monday off.  Having 5 days STRAIGHT off is going to be so nice and I really feel like I need it.  It might be hectic and busy because of Thanksgiving, Nick and Megan will be up from Vegas and HOPEFULLY we’ll be able to do something with them before they head back, and I really want to find time to take Jake and Jairus to a movie, since I’ve been promising them for months now.  I really hate getting “too busy” or having things get in the way of me wanting to spend time with my nephews.  *Sigh*  Anyway, hopefully it’ll happen and we’ll get to see “The Men Who Stare At Goats” together.  LOL!  Can’t wait.  :)

I’m excited about Christmas this year!!! Unfortunately I can’t say WHY yet, because it’s a surprise to some people in my family and I can’t risk them reading this.  LOL  *Squeal*  Hehe.

Speaking of Christmas… so, every year our birth mother’s group does “Secret Sister” where everyone fills out a brief “form” about themselves, then random names are chosen and given to each of the people who signed up for S.S. and then we get to get stuff for that one birth mother and send it out.  Last year was super fun (SUPER fun because I had Coley and was thrilled :)), so I’m excited about this year.  We were supposed to hear today who we had, but I haven’t heard yet.  I’m really hoping for Marilee, but I doubt I’d get that lucky.  lol  Marilee’s just been one of the biggest impacts on me this year when it comes to my “fellow birth mother’s”.  Coley and I have been close since day 1, but when we moved forums and Bart redid everything from scratch, we lost a lot of our old group who never re-registered and just as time goes on, people get on less and less until they don’t get on anymore.  I haven’t really connected with any of the new members this year, except for Marilee.  She just came outta nowhere and she sort of joined during a time that I wasn’t really on the forums very often, so it was like one day she wasn’t there at all and I went a little while without logging on (other than to check and approve registrations) and then all of a sudden she was there and posting and commenting on my posts, etc. and I kinda love her.  If it’s not too creepy to say, she’s like the girl of my dreams.  I know that sounds wickedly creepy, but what I mean is that I’ve always struggled with getting along with girls, which is why I don’t have a ton of friends, because in general, girls are selfish, back stabbing, self centered and frustrating to be around, but I’ve always really wanted a girl friend who could relate to me.  Sometimes I really WANT to have someone that will listen to me cry and care about what I say and actually UNDERSTAND how I feel instead of just saying “I know how you feel” simply to make the conversation move along faster.  She’s like my other half.  We probably don’t agree on EVERYTHING or like ALL the same things, but in general, there’s nothing I can’t talk to her about and have her make me feel like shit about it, like some past friends of mine.  So, is it sad that the best girl friend that I have right now, I’ve never even met in person?  Still, I don’t feel like I bore her and she doesn’t think all my crazy quirks are dumb and annoying.  Anyway… I’m still hoping she’s my “Secret Sister”!  lol

Bart was playing “Team Fortress 2” (??) which is why I came upstairs and started writing, but it sounds like he’s done, so I’m gonna go pay attention to him now.  :)  Buenos Noches.


  • Coley says:

    Your so cute! 😉

  • Coley says:

    Oh and I’m not sure how we got close since day one but I’m glad we did and glad to be able to turn to you when I need to. And I’m really glad Marilee found us too. She just adds this funky spark and she makes me laugh my socks off with her sarcasm!

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