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Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were really busy… now it’s Thursday and I’ve baaasically finished my work for the day and it’s only 12:30. Heh. So, I’m kinda bored, it’s kinda quiet ’cause Becky went to lunch and Sheri is… well I’m not sure what she’s doing, but she’s at her desk concentrating on something quietly.So, […]


Dance, Dance, Dance….

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I just have the song in my head… that’s all. Things are a little slower today since pay days are today and MOST everyone submitted times yesterday or before. I’m waiting for two clients to get a hold of me to enter times for today, but until I hear from them, I basically have nothing […]



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Well, I’m just writing ’cause I’m a little frustrated right now, I don’t have anything else to do and well… writing calms me. I’m not gonna whine about things I’m frustrated about, instead I’m gonna write about things I’m currently happy about and do my best to counter-act the frustration. So, I’ve been at my […]



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I feel like today was a really hectic day. It probably started feeling that way because I could barely sleep last night and was amazingly tired all day today. Usually if I keep myself busy enough, I can ignore being tired, but my eyes were literally trying to close all day. I had an interview […]



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Today is Jairus’ 11th birthday!!! I can’t believe he’s already 11 years old. Geez. I still look at all my nephews and nieces as LITTLE kids… Skylar is gonna be 18 (EIGHTEEN!!!!) next Friday and I’ve found that I still view him as 12 years old. No reason that 12 sticks in my mind, but […]



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Well, I’m working in NSL (Pebble Creek) today for Rose of Sharon. I don’t mind being up here, it’s actually a good break from College Terrace and just from everything. It’s quiet up here and not much goes on here, so maybe I can just mostly relax today. heh. It’s so amazingly muggy and polluted […]


This, That & The other

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I’m glad that today was a busy day. It went a lot faster and I found that I didn’t have enough TIME to sit and be depressed, so that’s a good thing. I got to work with my “replacement” (Katie) today and found that I actually really like her. She seems to have the same […]



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I am very upset. I just wrote a huge, long… long entry… hit “Finished” and it was gone. LOL. I guess it doesn’t matter, because it was all just venting anyway… but, I’m annoyed. LOL. I just… *deep breath*… Deeeeep breath. *Edit* “Happiness is a by-product of an effort to make someone else happy.” – […]


Yay, Friday!

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I’m so glad it’s Friday… although it just makes me realize that in about 3 days, I just have to start over again and once more will long for Friday to come. I hate that it’s come to the point in my job that every day is just a slow droan of waiting for the […]


81 Degrees outside… 97 in

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I really don’t like working inside this office. Working HERE in general isn’t bad, but it’s just so hot inside this office that it makes it almost unbearable.I’ve submitted my resume to about 20+ different places and so far have only had one interview with AIL (supplimental insurance). My final interview was yesterday and they […]

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