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Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were really busy… now it’s Thursday and I’ve baaasically finished my work for the day and it’s only 12:30. Heh. So, I’m kinda bored, it’s kinda quiet ’cause Becky went to lunch and Sheri is… well I’m not sure what she’s doing, but she’s at her desk concentrating on something quietly.So, last night Bart, Zack, Xoe, Lisa and I went to dinner to Mi Ranchito (it was Lisa’s birthday) and it was really good. Good food, nice service and fun place… unfortunately I had a migraine ALL day and it hadn’t gone away by the time we got there, then on top of the migraine, I ate way too much and felt like I was going to throw up. Literally. There were a few times that I thought I was going to burp and nothing came out, but tasted like puke. lol. I realize that’s information I don’t HAVE to share, but… this is my website, so I can do what I want! I ended up taking a Zantac as soon as I got home because lately if I “over” eat, I end up getting heartburn in the middle of the night. It’s happened more frequently lately and it worries me. This year I’ve had heartburn probably 5-6 times and before this year, I had heartburn maybe a TOTAL of 2-3 times, ever. Plah. Maybe I’m just getting old and can’t eat the same way I used to. lol.

I’m glad tonight is Bart’s night off. I feel like I need hugs and kisses. I’m just in a lovely cuddly mood and just want to snuggle up with him. I realize that probably won’t happen though because he’s usually busy with his game… but I can just imagine in and maybe it’ll make me feel better. lol.

I have a doctors appointment tomorrow and I’m kind of dreading how much the visit is going to cost now that I don’t have insurance… I’m also dreading to find out how much my medications are going to be without insurance…. sigh…. We’ll see. Luckily I have some extra money put aside so hopefull it’ll cover all of it without having to be BILLED. I don’t want more “bills”. Stupid debt.

I just remembered something I could be working on… so, I’m gonna go do that. 😉

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