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I feel like today was a really hectic day. It probably started feeling that way because I could barely sleep last night and was amazingly tired all day today. Usually if I keep myself busy enough, I can ignore being tired, but my eyes were literally trying to close all day.

I had an interview this morning at 10, which I was fairly early to (I make a habit to leave early when I have an interview), but discovered that it was literally like 5 minutes away from here so I ended up being like 25 minutes early. I guess that’s not a bad thing! It went really well and I really like the people there. It’s was a pretty small company that does Payroll for other companies around the country (direct deposit, etc.) and the guy that interviewed me sat me down at a computer and showed me a bit of their programs to get an idea of whether I could learn it quickly or not. He showed me once and then asked me to do it myself the second time and I did it faster than the first time! It’s definitely a job I could do well and a place I wouldn’t mind working… friendly atmosphere and quiet offices, but the main thing (well, two things) that I was thinking badly about was 1. It only starts at like $11.50/hour and 2. He said that almost half of the month is so slow that they don’t have anything to do. I guess that wouldn’t be TOO bad as long as I had people around to talk to and really the $11.50 isn’t too bad either, but a lot less than I’m used to. He said he had another interviewee on Friday and then they’d make their decision by Monday and let me know.

I have another interview tomorrow with a company in Orem (L.J Cooper & Associates) for an Executive Office Assistant and unless their job listing is wrong, it said it starts between $14-$16/hour depending on experience. I have a life of experience in office work, so it would be awesome if I could get a job paying $16/hour! :) Either way, I feel a little more encouraged with these two interviews. The ones I had earlier this week were just really blah and I had no real excitement about them at all.

After my interview this morning, I went to ProStar to bring my Golds Gym payment to Becky, stayed and talked to her for a bit and then went and had lunch with Lacey. While I was eating lunch with her, Lena called me and said that Ryan had run out of gas in Provo and he said he was going to walk from Provo to College Terrace in Orem because he had no money on him to get gas. After I was done with lunch, I went up and down University Parkway to try to find him. I finally found him right about by Best Buy (only had about two blocks to go until he got to College Terrace), but he had his shirt off, sweating like crazy and had walked from Provo in his huge rubber working boots! He was limping (I’m sure it’s not easy to walk that far in those kind of boots) and looked like he was gonna pass out from the heat. So… we went and got money from Lena, then I brought him to a gas station to get gas and we had to buy a gas can ($10!!) and I was annoyed… simply because I remember the good old days when gas stations let you BORROW a gas can if you ran out of gas… anyway, brought him to the van which was at the McDonalds on the corner of Freedom and Bulldog… If you have any idea where that is and where College Terrace is… you’ll know how far he walked. Damn.

I was gonna go visit Melissa in the hospital after that, especially since I was already right there, but apparently they released her to go home this afternoon. So I went and hung out with Jairus (babysitting David at Harmony’s) for a bit and then came home. I just feel exhausted, like I said, I’ve just been tired since I woke up this morning, so I feel like I’m about ready for bed.

I have clean clothes sitting on the floor from days ago, so I think I should put those away…

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