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Often times, my blog titles don’t have any meaning, it just happens to be the first thing that pops into my head.  No reason.

My sunburn is healing fairly fast (compared to some past experiences) and I’m really glad that by Monday, it should be completely gone.  Well, at least the pealing and splotchy spots.  (ew)  My brother gave me some of this cool sunburn spray stuff that I put all over my face on Wednesday night when I was there.  I forgot to bring it home with me, but anyway, when I woke up Thursday morning, almost all of the burnt dead skin was completely off!  I thought maybe coincidence, but I did not put it on my neck and my neck hasn’t healed nearly as fast… so that kinda proves it to me!  Thanks big bro :)  It still looks fairly gross, but I don’t really care, it feels so much better.  I’m wearing a normal shirt today!

I’m starting to get really excited about our family camping trip to Lake Powell this month.  I guess I haven’t really mentioned it before, but yeah – my family is going camping on June 27th.  They’re staying for almost a whole week and unfortunately I can’t afford to take that much time off work, so I’ll just be going the 27th thru 29th.  Bart has to work, so I’ll be going without him :(.  Heidi and Sage will be down from Seattle, so yay!

Our lease at our apartment is up at the end of this month and I’m finding it nearly impossible to get a hold of the office staff during business hours.  They seem to really never be in the office and regardless of what time I call, they never answer.  I’ve left voicemails and even sent an email, hoping to maybe schedule a specific time of day we could go there to do it, but I’ve had no reply.  I’m getting a little stressed about it, although realistically I don’t really have a reason to be worried.  She KNOWS that we intend to stay and that we wanted to renew, so it’s not like she can rent out our apartment from under us.  I guess I’m a little more stressed about the fact that our rent may or may not increase and I don’t know what to be prepared to pay in July.  I really hope it’s not a significant increase.  It’s difficult for me to think about the $880 a month we’re dumping into rent when we could probably get a house and have a payment not a whole lot more than that and actually have our money going somewhere.  I’ve figured that with the 12 months that we’ve lived in this apartment, we’ve “wasted” a total $10,554.00.  *Sigh*  Kinda hard to ignore.  I really wish we could just get a house now and not even renew here.  Of course even if we DID have the money to put down on a house, I doubt it would be at all humanly possible for us to find a house, get everything done AND move in less than 30 days :p lol.  I just need to stop thinking about it.  I’m grateful for the way things are going and that we’re getting stuff paid off.  It’s a good feeling.  This will be my first month with no Golds Gym payment!!! Woohoo!

I’m happy it’s Friday.  I’m looking forward to relaxing this weekend.  This week has been extremely hectic and stressful at work and I haven’t been able to sleep because of this dumb sunburn.  Maybe by tonight it’ll be just a little bit better to where it won’t be so uncomfortable to sleep on.  Here’s hopin’. :)

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