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I hate getting sunburnt, mostly because every time it happens, I get annoyed at myself because ALL I had to do was put stupid sun screen on and it wouldn’t have happened. At least not this bad. I haven’t had a sunburn this bad (this painful anyway) for at least 5 years.

We went to Lagoon on Saturday with Bart’s mom, brother and niece and I forgot to bring my sun screen with me. Lisa had SPF 15, which to me is about as effective as rubbing milk on my skin and we were there for 7 hours walking around in the sun. Of course since we went on “Rattle Snake Rapids” and I got all wet, it was probably like a magnifying glass for the sun to get to me. Even more annoying, I was wearing a half sleeve “baseball” type T and I have a DUUUMB burn line. HAHAHHAA. I guess I should be grateful that it isn’t covering my entire body, but now whatever shirt I choose to wear for the next 3 weeks is going to look ridiculous because of the red “collar” I have.

I’ve been putting Aloe Vera on it all day and alternating with a cool rag (on my face and neck) and I HATE the way the gel type Aloe Vera feels after it’s dried. It’s sticky and gooey feeling and having it stick means any time I touch anything like a pillow or my hair rubs against it, it sticks to my skin. If I turn my neck too far, my skin sticks together and it feels like I might as well be ripping of layers. Maybe it would feel better if I did just that!

I stayed home from work today, which is the cause of my boredom now and my boredom turning into grumpiness. This is the first time I have “called in” at this job and I HATED it. I really don’t like the feeling of sitting home doing absolutely nothing and now that the work day has ended and Bart’s gone to work, I have NOTHING to do and time is going too slowly. I wish it would just speed up to like 11:00pm and I could go to sleep. Regardless of whether it kills as much as it did today, I AM going to get dressed normally tomorrow and I AM going to work. Ugh.

To make it better, yesterday Bart and I were coming back from Zack’s and I was walking up the stairs and out of no where, my back basically gave out and like… stopped working. I thought maybe I had just stepped funny and it caused a weird shoot of pain in my back, but no… it’s been like that all night and all of today. It feels fine basically when I’m sitting/laying still, but the process of standing up and sitting down really, really hurts. It’s amazing how my body just feels like falling apart all at once… it can’t be gradual! The only thing I’ve come up with is that maybe my back did something funky on one of the rides at Lagoon. I know that when we went on the Cliff Hanger and it slowly turned us upside down for about 15-20 seconds, I remember thinking that it felt weird. It didn’t hurt, but it felt like a slow motion of pulling my back away from my spine. I can’t really explain it. Then when we were turned upright again, it felt as if someone had stretch me by pulling my hands in one direction and my legs in the other direction, disconnecting my top and bottom half of my body! I know, I sound quite strange.

I’m gonna stop this rant before I make myself in a worse mood and pray that I can get dressed with at least a remote amount of comfort for work in the morning. *Sigh* Waiting for tomorrow…

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