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Well?  The past few weeks have been pretty skimpy on the job search.  After my discussion with the Unemployment Office and them describing to me the massive decrease in job listings, at least now I know it’s not just me.  It’s Novell.  When the whole story about Novell laying off 800+ employees circulated, it was just same old same old to me, hearing about another company that got bought out and a bunch of people lost their jobs.  I thought about all those people who were thrown into the same position I am and how I know how it feels.  I imagine a lot of those people have families to support, maybe even on their own without a spouse or significant other to help.  Not once did I think “well that’s gonna hurt MY chances of finding a job”.  It didn’t even cross my mind… until I talked to the Unemployment Office.  I’ve spent the past 5 months (it’s been 5 months yesterday since I was laid off from Nexeo) trying as hard as I can to find a job.  I’d get a few interviews a week, most weeks, and at least have “leads” to follow up on.  The past few weeks, not only have I not had any interviews, but there have been VERY little, some days Zero, new job listings on the DWS website.  I called that day to find out about filing extensions and through random conversation, the guy mentioned that he understood how hard I was trying, they could see record of what I apply for, etc. (same thing the lady said to me the day I whailed on the phone for 15 minutes) and then he started telling me how since the Novell lay offs, the county’s available jobs have almost disappeared overnight.  He said something along the lines of “We’re not talking a small little blip, I’m saying a significant blow”.  Meaning, there are SO many people unemployed in Utah County right now, that the jobs that WERE available are all taken and any new jobs that may become available have SO many people applying for them, that employers aren’t even remotely considering someone that they aren’t “sure” about.  He was nice about it, but told me I’m in that group where I don’t have enough experience to seriously be considered for most of the jobs I would be going for.  I don’t even care about that anymore.  Yes, I’d like to stay in the same area as I have been for the past 8 ish years.  I’m good working in an office, but at this point, I don’t even care if that’s what I get.  He more or less (without actually saying it, because I’m SURE they’re not allowed to say it) implied that I should keep doing what I’m doing, but just collect unemployment until I can’t anymore and hopefully jobs will become more available at that point.

So, this is where I sit, currently:  My unemployment benefits expire this week.  I got a payment yesterday, but my remaining available balance to be used is $1.00.  (Seriously.  $1.00.  Couldn’t they have just given me that $1.00?  Whatever.)  So, on Sunday when I would normally file my weekly claim, I have to reopen/file a NEW claim.  I’ve been told now by two state employees that I will “automatically be approved for a 20 week extension”, but there may or may not be a lapse in payment while that’s being approved.  I don’t know what “automatically” is supposed to mean in this instance.  So, I’m prepared to possibly not have a payment next week.  It’ll be fine, but I can’t help but feel stressed about it.


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