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Since I have a fair amount of free time on my hands right now, I figured I would try to write a little more in here since lately I’ve had a bad habit of going looong periods of time without writing anything.  Not that anyone reads this regularly, but still, the purpose of writing is to be able to keep record of thoughts and events and memories so I can look back years from now and say “oh I remember that”, or sometimes have the ability to say “look how far I’ve come”.  That’s definitely true for me, if I look back on my blogs/Journals from years ago, I’m able to laugh and feel amazed at how much things have changed, mostly for the better.

I like reading people’s blogs.  Not strangers blogs (no, I don’t go through google reading random people’s personal experiences), but I have a few blogs Bookmarked so all I have to do is click their button and go straight to their blog.  One of which is my sister in laws and if it wasn’t Private, I’d share a link with you, but I like that their details are private, so that’s that.  Anyway, my point is that last year sometime, she made a goal and started a new blog and the basic goal was to blog daily and keep record of the small, joyful moments in her life.  By having a goal to have at least one joyful moment every day, it makes you pay attention to smaller things. I love that even on BAD days, she blogs and find SOMETHING joyful to point out, even if it’s not huge or significant or anything.  The point is to pay more attention to the small joys in life rather than focusing solely on the things that frustrate you.  I don’t know if I have the dedication to do this every day (in my opinion it’s easier – AND HARDER I guess – to do this if you have cute little kids to laugh at every day) but I’m still gonna do my best to focus on joyful things from now on.  A lot of my joyful moments are created when I’m with my nieces and/or nephews.  Obviously that isn’t every day, but I always have something funny, sweet or memorable that I need to “record”.  A couple weeks ago I went to Heather and Christopher’s and hung out with the boys while they went to the temple.  We had cereal, I made Isaac some chocolate milk (which to his standards was “not really good” LOL) and played a game where you load random items onto Bullseye (from Toy Story) and once you’ve put too many items on, he bucks them all off and whoever put that last item on, loses… or if you knock something else off during your turn, you’re eliminated.  Anyway, this game was hilarious to them and I got a kick out of watching them play (I did play a few times, but then discovered that it was even funnier to watch them play on their own).  I also love that every time I’m over there, “Bart” gets brought into conversation at least once or twice (usually by Isaac, because he always asks me where Bart is).  I uploaded this video to Facebook, so you should be able to open it in a separate window.

\”Boys can have earrings… \’cause Bart has earrings… and he\’s a boy\”

Second, Eli wanted to teach me to play the board game “Ticket to Ride”, so naturally, I started singing “She’s got a ticket to ride” and Isaac said “what’s that?” and I said “The Beatles!” and he said “What’s the beatles?” …..It was obvious that my obligation as a decent Aunt was to immediately pull up the video for the song on Youtube… this video was taken about 15 minutes later. I was in the office with Eli and Isaac was in the toy room, so we heard him singing from basically across the house 😛 Had to get it!

\”Shes got a ticket to ride\”

I promise that as soon as possible, I’ll figure out how to actually post a video on here (without having to upload it to Youtube, ’cause I’m not doin’ that!)

Anyway, I thought I should also update on the job situation.  I had two interviews on Friday.  The first one was at the company that Skylar works for and the interview was awesome.  The people there seem really awesome and I feel like I would be comfortable there.  Not out of place at least.  The pay is less than I’m used to and I’d have to start on swing shift (with the chance to move to days after maybe a few months) but still, seems like a fun place to work and I won’t lie… it’d be awesome to see Skylar every once in a while rather than only seeing him at Barney birthdays and such.  The second interview was in Spanish Fork and I honestly can’t remember the company’s name, but anyway, the position would pay more and it would be 8-5 Monday thru Friday and the interview went really well, everyone seems really nice, my only drawback was that for some reason, I felt a little out of place there.  Not necessarily because of the type of people or anything, I’m not entirely sure what it was… I just sorta felt out of place  :(  But, I would be happy to take either of them if either are offered!  At this point I just need a job.  lol  Hopefully not cleaning toilets, but if that’s what I can get, I’ll take it.  (Still haven’t heard whether I qualify for unemployment or not, so as of right now, I have literally ZERO income.)

This past weekend (Friday night thru Sunday night) Bart and I stayed at Zack’s house and babysat all the animals.  Lisa went to Mesquite for the weekend (she had a Reba/George/LeAnn concert in Vegas or something) and she left Zala and Zack went to Seattle with JJ for her brother’s birthday party/”roast”, so… we had three horses, four dogs (Max, Zala, Taco and of course Gideon) and Simba.  I’d mention the three bunnies too, but that wouldn’t really be fair considering that they’re free roamers and you don’t DO anything for them.  The horses weren’t a big deal to take care of, but lets just say that Saturday was a nightmare.  Started by Friday night not getting ANY sleep because Gideon would not calm down.  He just wanted the other dogs to play with him ALL night.  I’d also like to add really quickly that every time we go to Zack’s, Gideon ends up having the runs because he eats horse crap and gets into the other dogs’ food (which is different from his, so it gives him diarrhea) anyway, the point of mentioning that is that on Saturday morning, when I finally gave up on sleep and got out of bed, the first thing I noticed when I got up was that I smelled shit.  So, I went upstairs and sure enough, there was crap all by the back door and into the kitchen.  I knew it was Gideon because 1. it was partially runny and like I said, every time we go there, he gets the runs and 2. it wasn’t in one spot and Gideon seemingly refuses to poop in ONE spot… he moves WHILE he’s pooping.  Lovely.  So, I started cleaning that up and I heard Bart get out of bed downstairs and asked what I was doing and I said I was cleaning up shit, basically.  A couple seconds go by and I hear him yell, followed by a few pretty strong gagging noises.  Apparently there was a pile of crap in the hallway downstairs and guess what?  Bart stepped in it.  Barefoot.  (Hence; the gagging noises)  So, after I finished cleaning up the kitchen, I walked around to make sure I hadn’t missed anywhere else.  Well, there was a pile in Zack’s room too by his door going outside.  So, I cleaned that up.  Meanwhile, I had put all the dogs in the back yard… I then went downstairs to find Bart scrubbing off his feet in the shower.  I figured I’d be nice and clean up THAT pile too since I’d already cleaned up a bunch upstairs and the fact that he has an extremely sensitive gag reflex and I didn’t want him to throw up smelling it LOL So, did that.  I think that was about it for all the shit things, so then we went outside and couldn’t find Max.  He has a bad habit of running away when he’s left unattended too long.  My fault.  So, we put Zala and Gideon inside and started the search.  I got in the car and drove around and Bart went on foot. Luckily it had snowed a little that morning, so he could SEE his tracks on the sidewalk.  The tracks wove all around the neighborhood in all crazy directions, so going back and forth up and down the blocks… we looked for over an hour and I finally found him just mozying up the sidewalk a few blocks away (he had gone ALL over though, so I’m betting he was on his way home when I found him)  So, we got him home, went inside and what’s the first thing we see?  A big pile/trail of crap pretty much in the same area that it had been in the kitchen.  Yuuuup.  I tried to be understanding because if Gideon had like borderline diarrhea, it was probably more difficult to control, but I swear he doesn’t even try.  What’s really frustrating about this is that the entire time we have had him, he’s NEVER pooped in our house.  Not even when we very first got him at 7 weeks old.  He’s never, ever pooped in our house.  So WHYYYY does he poop in Zack’s house?!  The only thing I can even consider as a possibility as to why is the fact that the floors are all wood or tile.  There are only three areas in the entire house that have carpet and they’re all off limits to him with the doors closed.  So, is it the fact that the floors aren’t carpeted?  Which I am grateful for, because cleaning up crap is bad enough, but would have been a million times worse if we’d had to clean it off CARPET.  *Sigh*  It was frustrating.  The rest of the day wasn’t as bad, because we basically didn’t go anywhere or leave him alone at all.  I ran to Burger King and got us breakfast and Bart stayed there (after the morning we’d had, neither of us felt like cooking anything!) but geez, Gideon is OBNOXIOUS when he’s around Zala.  He literally NEVER wants to stop playing and it gets really overwhelming.  He’s now bigger than all the other dogs, even Max, and it’s like a hurricane terrorizing through the house when they get at it.  Man, I’m exhausted just writing about it.  Yesterday wasn’t as bad.  At least we got a little more sleep Saturday night (after Bart decided to completely separate the three dogs – Taco just stays in his bed in Xoe’s room all the time LOL) and we didn’t have any shit incidents on Sunday, so that was good.  It’s still way overwhelming to deal with three playing dogs.  Big dogs.  If they were all cocker spaniels or something, it wouldn’t be as overwhelming, but Gideon and Max alone are like 180 lbs. combined, if not more, and Zala’s not tiny either.  (Ok, she probably only weighs like 40 lbs, but still… she’s not a “toy”)  Anyway, it was nice to get home last night.  And Gideon is so worn out, he’s STILL in bed as we speak.  I had to practically force him to get up this morning, take him outside and feed him and he was yawning and dragging his feet the entire time.  He’s usually the one waking me up at 6:30 to GO! lol  He’ll probably sleep all day today!  (Not complaining!)

Hopefully I hear back from one of the jobs I interviewed for.  It’d be uber cool to get a job this week.  If not either of those too, hopefully I’ll at least get some call backs on the hundreds of other companies I sent my resume too.  *Crossing my fingers*

Alright, well that’s enough time wasted for the morning.  I just realized that I’m starving, so I’ll go find something to eat and then get started on jobs searches.  *YAY!!!* 😀


  • Coley says:

    Hey, I read this blog regularly. :) Your in my google reader and every time there is a new post from you I think yay!! I like the new blog look.

  • destiny says:

    Aw thanks :) You’re blog is one of my Bookmarks as well. Although I suck at commenting, I DO read it! And thank you 😉 There was another theme I wanted that was fairly close to this one and I installed it and then went to view it and there was an error :( I was sad, ’cause it was just a tad cuter than this one. lol Obviously I need a job!

  • Brittany Hansen says:

    Woman! I read it! It makes me guilty for not updating mine more often… :/

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