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ABC’s of me

A – Age: 25 (*gag*)

B – Bed size: King…I flop around too much for anything smaller.

C- Chore you hate: Folding laundry… which is why I have clothes flailed all around my bedroom.

D – Drive: 2006 Mazda 3.

E – Essential start your day item: Phone.

F – Favorite color: Purple.

G – Gold or Silver: Silver.

H – Height: 5’6″.

I – Instruments you play(ed): Used to play the Flute.  I’m not sure if I still CAN or not… hmmm.

J- Job title: Technically, I guess “Financial Adviser”.

K – Kid(s): Dustin.

L -Living arrangements: I live with Bart.  In a house.  In a town.

M – Mom’s name: Barbara/Bobbie/Babs

N – Nicknames: Dj.  Goob(ie/er)

O – Overnight hospital stay other than birth: None, believe it or not.  I know, for a fairly destructive person, it’s surprising I’ve never been hospitalized.

P – Pet Peeve: Inconsiderate/impatient/stupid drivers.

Q – Quote from a movie: “I do not think it means what you think it means”.

R – Right or left handed: Right.

S – Schools attended: N/A

T – Time you wake up: Between 6:15-7, depending on shithead Gideon.

U – Underwear: Yeeess…?  I’m wearing bright green underwear, currently.

V – Vegetable you dislike: Lima beans….?

W – Ways you run late: Uh, I usually don’t… I tend to start getting ready like HOURS before I need to, to avoid Bart having to wait for me forever.

X- X-ray – Last x-ray was of my hand, last year.

Y – Yummy food you make: Uh, macaroni and cheese?

Z – Zoo favorite: I started writing stuff and then it got too long… so, I will just say that I really don’t have a favorite… ’cause I basically want to take all of them home.

—Yeah, so I stole that off a friend’s blog, but that just proves how badly I’d like a break from studying right now.  Bleeeech.

I figured I should also probably give a little update of the past weekend and few days, ish.  So, we shall start with the weekend and move forward…. Here you go: (10/9 thru 101/14)

10/9/10 – Took Gideon for his final vaccinations and discovered he weighs 38 lbs.  Holy shit batman.  It’s amazing that he weighed 12.5 when we got him 2.75 months ago and now he’s a fatso… but I guess that’s good.  I’m just sad he’s not teeny anymore.  He is growing huge, of course… it’s not like we can expect a German shepherd/black lab to be SMALL or anything… Anyway, I feel better that his vaccinations are done.  Made me happy that they comment on how well behaved he is compared to most puppies his age, because sometimes I feel like I’m banging my head against the wall with him.  LOL  I guess all in all he is really well behaved and learns super fast, but I have to remind myself that he is still a puppy, so some things are just gonna take time to grow out of… like biting.  He can sit, shake, lay down and he ALMOST has “stay” down.  He’s improved a TON on coming to us when we call his name… still suffers from a little ADHD so he can’t seem to always focus on us long enough to actually come TO us… like la de da we’re walkin’, walkin’ OH LOOK, A FLOWER!  ………….. *Rolls eyes* oh and he also goes to his crate when you say “bed”.  That one’s pretty cool :) and he is 100% house trained 😀 another fav.

10/10/10 – earlier last week, Harmony and I arranged for me to hang out with David while she and Brian went to some meeting at their church… or something (I don’t always ask details, just know that I’m chillin’ with my nephew, so it’s all good!)  Well, on like Friday I think, Harmony mentioned that David wanted Bart to come with me ’cause he wanted to play a game with him or something… so ok, whatever, cool.  So, Sunday comes around and I told Harmony I’d be there by 5:0-5:15.  I was ready to go at 4:30 and Bart was still in the shower, so I was kinda sitting here, trying to focus on not being annoyed because there are always worse things in life than being a few minutes late and wasn’t worth an argument… so, I waited… he got done, and took his sweet time getting to the car, then pointed out that I forgot my glasses (I got out, went inside, got my glasses, came back to the car) then he said “I don’t remember if I locked the front door or not”… I got out, checked the door, came back to the car… at this point I’m thinking “ooook, lets GO!” but again, reminded myself it wasn’t worth being mean over.  So we’re going… we’re driving, driving along and finally I can’t hold it anymore and I very nicely say “babe, how fast are you going?”  He looks down “Oops.  65” (Speed limit is 75 and we usually go at least 80 :P) *Insert teeth grinding* so then he takes the back roads, which he insists are faster, and goes as slow as he can.  Ok, fast forward… we got to Harmony’s house, blah blah blah, I go to the front door and it’s locked, so I knock, Harmony answers and my entire family is in her livingroom yelling “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!”  Wow.  Suddenly Bart’s piddly around and taking his sweet time, makes perfect sense.  I was so shocked, I can’t even really describe it… and of course I started crying.  LOL  First of all, I’ve never had any type of “surprise party” before and secondly, I’m ABSOLUTELY AMAZED that it was kept a secret.  Apparently they’d been planning it for a few weeks.  Bart isn’t always the best at holding things in.  Like I just mean for example, I think he ALWAYS gives me my birthday present early every year, because he can’t wait to give it to me.  I’m surprised he kept this a secret and played it out SO well… not even a slight hint at it.  It was a lot of fun… the kids picked out a Spongebob Squarepants pinata for me (totally awesome LOL) and, well nothing super special, just that my whole family (minus Addie :( ) was there and it was just awesome.  AND Bart got me a new iPhone 4 😀  So, that was pretty spiffy too.

Ok, now I’m skipping ahead ’cause really nothing significant happened Monday.  Or Tuesday really, other than the fact that it was technically my birthday and I am now officially ancient.  *Sigh*  25 years old.  It’s weird.  Yes, it really is.  Normally people joke and ask you if you feel any older?  I’ve always answered “no” because obviously you don’t feel any different than you did the previous day… but this time, I really did.  I looked in the mirror and immediately felt OLDER.  25 is old.  I should look on the bright side though… our car insurance has now decreased another $35, putting it below $200 for the first time in YEARS.  So yay :)  Lisa stopped by on her lunch break and brought me a cute birthday card (that plays the chicken song and gets it stuck in your head all day) and $200.00 cash.  Sheesh.  She instructed me to spend the money on myself… not bills or anyone else.  What am I supposed to do with $200.00?  On myself??  So… yesterday, I went and got my nose pierced.  Yuuup!  I’ve always wanted to and have always resented the fact that I’ve had jobs that deny me having it, so now that I DON’T have a job that denies my desire, I went and did it.  So THERE!!!

*Insert*  I wrote a bunch of stuff, yada yada, Published it and it kicked me out.  So, I’m annoyed now and I’m not re-writing it… so this is where I’m stopping.  *Growl*

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