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I’m amazingly grumpy today.  For the first time since I started working here, my alarm didn’t go off and I didn’t wake up ’til like 7:50.  It took me a second to realize what time it was (I usually get up between 6:50 – 7:10… 7:20 is the latest I can get up without being late).  So… I got out of bed at about 7:50, immediately being annoyed at the day because I knew if I showered, I’d be WAY late.  So, I didn’t take a shower (which most people know is pretty much a guarnatee for a grumpy day).  Long, frustrating story short, I was surprisingly only 2 minutes late for work, but that’s still annoying to me.  I am trying to ignore the fact that I haven’t showered, but it’s going to bother me all day.

I did end up going home early yesterday (left work around 1:00).  I figured if I felt like crap yesterday, that it would only get BETTER the day after… well I was wrong.  I’m wishing now that I had stayed yesterday so I could go home today.

I feel like total CRAP today and it’s frustrating me.  I was feeling better yesterday evening.  I went to dinner with Emily and Sam and went home and cleaned a little, blah blah blah… I went to bed thinking I felt well enough that I was pretty sure I’d be almost completely better today and that I could go through the day with no problem.  I feel worse than I did yesterday.  I’m sick of being sick.  It’s aggravating me.  I’m pretty sure I got Bart sick too… so this whole week is probably just gonna be miserable regardless.

I am trying not to be grumpy, but even if I concentrate and pretend to be in a good mood, the grumpiness is leaking out.  Everyone’s pissing me off (even though it’s not their fault) and I just would prefer if everyone would leave me alone today, let me finish the day so I can go home and take a shower and go back to sleep.  GRRRRRRR!  I think I’m gonna go insane if someone doesn’t stop tapping their freaking foot!

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