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I don’t really know if I can say I feel better today or not.  I’ve had a few people ask “do you feel any better?” and I’m just kinda thinkin… “uuuh… I’m not sure”.  One thing that’s nice (compared to Friday/Saturday) is that I can swallow today.  That’s a major improvement.  It’s extremely frustrating not being able to swallow… but my ears, nose and throat still hurt (ears and nose are just stuffy and clogged… I feel like I’m in a plane) and my whole body is just… bleeeeeh.  I have no physical energy at all.  Even typing feels like I’m working really hard and getting up and down from my chair is draining.  I do have a new (not appreciated) symptom… chills.  I’m fine right now, but every few minutes I get kind of prickly, stabbing freezing chills and it feels like I’m freezing from the inside of my body out. 

I basically slept all weekend (mostly), yet I still feel completely drained as if I haven’t slept in days.  I think maybe the Nyquil, Sudafed and Theraflu might be contributing to that “listless” feeling.  I was very much considering calling in sick today, but I just hate that.  I hate when other people do it, so I won’t do it either.  I would much rather come in and do as much as I can possibly do and go home early if it’s necessary… but not going in at all is just stupid (unless you physically can’t move, or like that fun time last year when I literally couldn’t leave the bathroom).  Heh.  I think if I can just concentrate on working today I should be able to make it through the whole day and stay at the office.  It would be a lot easier if I had more to do, but it’s fairly slow today, so that doesn’t really help.

Sam, Emily and I (oh, and Emily’s friend/roommate Mari) are going to dinner tonight.  I don’t know where we’re going yet, but I’m looking forward to it.  I feel like I need to “get out” and do something with them and I’m really hoping that I’m not this droopy and blah when we meet up later.  I’m gonna try to muster some energy and at least fake it, especially since I’ve never met Mari before and I don’t want her first impression of me to be “wow, blaaaaaaaaah”.  Ya know?  Anyway, we’ll see.  I hope I’m not totally drained by the end of the day. 

I do hope I’m better by tomorrow though.  I want to go see Eli and Isaac and play with them while Heather goes to a church thing (I think…) but I really don’t want to get the boys sick.  I hate the thought of them feeling the way I do right now.  I would imagine it’s probably harder for a 3 year and 1 year old to deal with feeling mleh than it is for me.  Not to mention that Heather would have to take care of them. :(  Sigh… so, we’ll see.

Kent is so nice.  heh.  He keeps asking how I’m doing and saying if I don’t feel well enough to be here I can go home.  I love that he cares, but I just don’t want to go home when I have stuff to do.  Everything I have set to do today will end up carrying onto another day so I’d rather just get it done now and not have more to do later.  If I can finish everything that needs to be done today, that’s a different story… heh.

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