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A few posts ago, I introduced my new plants that Lisa helped me pick out.  I’ve expressed my surprise that they’re even still alive after just a month 1/2.  They’re doing amazingly well and as of last night, I think I’ve discovered why.  Lately, I’ve been feeling sort of… sad.  With the loss of Sam, obviously both Bart and I have been feeling sad.  It’s inevitable. There’s nothing you can do to prevent or get rid of the sadness that comes after losing a friend.  A baby.  It’s only been 2 weeks (today) since he passed and I still am tearing up just thinking about him.  And of course I’m at work, so I’m not going to go into detail quite yet.  I did intend on writing a post to talk about it (post before last) but quickly discovered that I couldn’t, without hysterically sobbing, so his picture was all I could do.  Maybe in a few weeks, I’ll be able to talk about everything that happened without bawling… or sometime when I have time to post at home and not worry about people walking in and seeing me bawling.  Anyway… moving on… Other than Sam, the past few months have been emotional.  Although the birth mother’s weekend in Charlotte was AMAZING, I admit it made my sadness of missing Dustin surface a little more.  Which isn’t a bad thing… it’s been good.  Anyway, my point is… last night, I was re-potting a plant outside on the pack patio, hands covered in dirt and I realized that it feels really good to be taking care of something.  Granted, it’s a plant… but you know what?  It’s still a living thing.  It’s a living thing that I’m responsible for.  If I don’t water them and pay attention to the soil and care about their growth, they’ll die.  It feels good to be take care of something.  I think I got so used to taking care of Sam just in normal every day life, then even moreso when he got sick, that when he was gone, I’ve felt even more empty.  Bart tried to tell me “well you take care of ME”, which I admit made me feel good, but still, it’s not quite the same.  If anything, realistically, Bart takes care of me WAY more than I take care of him :p lol

So, I started off with the three plants that Lisa and I got from Home Depot, plus the little ficus tree that Carriene gave me when we closed on our house about a year ago… which I was REALLY going to throw away because it was totally “dead”, but Bart convinced me to keep it and guess what?  It’s TOTALLY thriving.  LOL  Don’t ask me why, but I’m glad I didn’t throw it away :).  (Every time I comment on how well it’s doing, Bart says “and YOU were gonna throw it away.  Tsk tsk tsk”  lol I love that kid.)  Well, Lisa also gave me a plant that she brought into my office a few weeks ago (think I mentioned it in an earlier post, although now I can’t remember and I don’t wanna close this window right now to go look).  It was basically four difference species in one plant, one of which didn’t survive very long at all :(, so I lovingly removed the dead one, then yesterday dug out the big leafy one and transplanted it into a new pot, so it left the original pot with the ivy and the other leafy plant (yeah, I still have no idea what species any of my plants are).  Sooo, now I have SIX plants.  LOL!  Oh, plus the big pot Lisa gave me for the front porch… so SEVEN!  Aaaand, I’m gonna plant my cool avocado pit that’s been growing like crazy in my windowsill for the past few months and we’ll see what comes of that.  I read that you can’t actually plant an avocado pit and grow edible avocados from it, but, it should grow an avocado plant.  That’d be freakin’ awesome :).

…Now it would be even better if I could learn what kind of plants I have.  Then I’d really be cool.  Maybe I just need to post pictures of all of them and maybe someone can tell me what they are.  LOL  Ok, here goes:

and last, but not least:

If anyone is good with identifying different types of plants and knows what these are, let me know!  LOL

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