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Yesterday was the weirdest weather I can recall in a long time, at least for May 24th!  Snowed almost all day.  Of course it’s already gone and pretty much no trace that it snowed, but it was strange.  Today’s still chilly, but sunny and blue skies.  I prefer the chilly air, actually.  For now, at least.

I guess not a whole lot going on.  Today I’m getting off work early to spend the afternoon with Melissa and I’m waiting for one client to let me know when they’re finished with their payroll because other than him, I’m done with my work for the day.  lol  The earlier they call, the earlier I can go.  I realized a few days ago that Melissa and I have really not “hung out” since before Chloe was born.  That’s way too long.  So, for no real reason, we’re just gonna spend the day together.  Wish I coulda taken the whole day off, but… half is better than nothing.  We don’t even have any particular plans… just, hangin’ out.  :)

Lately I’ve been in a “plant” type of mood.  I posted about a month ago that Lisa and I went out and bought a few plants for my house.  Well here it is, a little over a month later and guess what?  They’re still alive!  Yuuup.  Didn’t kill ’em.  So, I think since she saw that I could do that, on Sunday she brought over a big pot, dirt and some plants for me to put on the porch.  I planted them yesterday when I got home from work.  :)

Porch Plants!

Cute, huh?!  Teehee.  Hopefully they’ll live.  Oh… and I also managed to REVIVE my dying baby ficus plant thingy that Carriene gave me when we closed on the house.  So, I realized I have had THAT plant for almost a YEAR!  Sure, it’s wilted and suffered a few times, but it hasn’t DIED, so that’s the important thing, right?  Oh, also… on Friday, Lisa came by my office, for no real reason, and gave me this:

Pretty Plant

I kind of almost cried when she gave it to me.  It was just pretty amazing that she’d give me something JUST because, for no reason at all.  I need to focus more often on how lucky I am to have such a great family, on both sides.  I know SO many people who can’t stand their in-laws and such and I can honestly say I love Bart’s family the same as I love my own.  They’re much more than family.  They really are my friends.  Lisa is probably one of my best friends when it really comes down to it.  I think I do more with her than most of my “normal” friends.  lol  Anyway… I just thought it was really cool :).  And more plants!!! (To not kill!)

Yesterday was Eli’s 6th (GAG) birthday.  Sigh. Yes, 6!  We had his birthday party on Sunday at Heather and Christopher’s and it was awesome.  There were a lot of people there (more than usual) and even with the extra people, it wasn’t nearly as overwhelming as it usually is.  haha.  I don’t know why!  But yeah, it was really fun and Eli looked like he was having a lot of fun :).  It’s really just amazing to me that he’s already 6 years old.  I had it stuck in my  mind that he was turning 5.  No seriously…  I thought he was only 5 until I heard him talking to Kaitlyn saying “Now I’m 6”.  I think I’m just stuck in denial and I’m trying to keep my nephews and nieces stuck at one age only.  Maaan.  Kaitlyn’s gonna be 8 this year.  :(  Stop growing people!

I’ve talked about my amazing friend Coley in past posts and now I’m gonna mention her again.  Particularly because I want to mention her son, Noah, who will be going through “brutal surgery” this Friday to repair his spine.  This is a really scary thing and I’ve been trying not to drive her insane by texting every single day (which I don’t.  I’ve refrained) asking how she’s doing.  Duh, what a stupid question.  “How you doing?” and one of these times, I expect her to say “Freaking the hell out man, stop asking!”  Seriously though… plah.  I’m nervous.  And if I’m nervous… I can only imagine how she’s feeling, having to prepare for her baby to go through this.  I really do have faith that everything is going to be alright, even though it drives her nuts to hear people say that!  LOL  I just have a feeling he’ll be ok.  …So, for those of you who haven’t already seen my multiple posts on Facebook and Myspace, here’s another one.  Yes, it’s not too late… please send Noah cards!  He LOVES getting mail and cards will help brighten his day.

Card Drive

Just look at that smile!!!!!!!!  I can’t look at that smile and NOT grin myself.  To find out a little more on this, you’re welcome to read Coley’s post:  http://coleybelle.blogspot.com/search/label/Scoliosis%20Surgery

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  • Coley says:

    I’m so proud of your plants. And jealous. I have this annoying habit of killing plants. I try not too but I do. It’s bad. Don’t ever give me a plant. It will d-i-e.

    Ok, so I commented not to blab on and on about being a plant murderer but to say thank you for caring so much about a little boy you’ve never even met. It’s amazing to me that so many people love and care for him so much. He sure is special. I love ya for spreading the word about his card drive and checking on me frequently but not every hour! haha!

    You rock my socks DG!

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