Yay! Friday!

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Yup, it’s Friday… and it’s snowing.  Blech.

Yesterday I got off work around 11, went to Sandy, picked up my parents and we drove up the airport and grabbed Heidi on her 2 hour layover, went to lunch at Denny’s (closest place we could find!) and hung out for a while, then Heidi hopped back on a plane to head to Baltimore.  It was a cool, short visit though.  Nice to see her even just for a little bit.  After I brought my parents back home, I headed to get my E&I done (passed, whew!) and just went home for the rest of the day, which at that point it was about 4:00, so it’s not like I got home SUPER “early”.  It was nice though.

It started snowing about when I got home yesterday (odd, because the last few days have been 45-55 degrees… WAY nice) so, this is what we had this morning:

At home

At the office

I’m so ready for the snow to be gone.  I SO enjoyed the past few days of sun shine and warmth.  I’m ready for Spring.  Unfortunately “Spring” in Utah only lasts a few weeks, then we jump right into summer and 90-100 degree weather, which I’m not a huge fan of either.  I’ll live either way though ;).

Alright, so… update on the doctor.  I went.  He didn’t believe it was necessary to do an ultrasound on my gallbladder (not yet anyway) and put me on a prescription that he wants me to take for 30 days and report to him and tell him whether it’s helped or not.  If so, great… I’m gonna have to take these pills for the rest of my life.  If not… scope goes down my throat and into my stomach and/or gallbladder ultrasound.  Yay.  Here’s the blonde version of what he THINKS is wrong with me:  Everyone has acid in their stomachs, right?  Right.  Well, everyone ALSO has a special lining inside their stomach that protects the STOMACH from the acid, since the acid is just meant to break down the food ‘n stuff.  The protective “lining” in MY stomach isn’t working and my stomach is eating itself, which is why when I eat food, it feels like I have a thousand steak knives scraping across my stomach.  Makes sense.  *Shrug*  …He said it isn’t surprising or uncommon for someone who’s body matured way too early (being pregnant at 15 years old) and that he was surprised it caused problems.  So, I filled the prescription on Tuesday, started taking them Wednesday morning.  I have to take them twice a day.  I’ve only been taking them 3 days, but I actually think they’re helping.  I’ve been trying to keep track of the food I’m eating and how I feel after each meal.  Maybe I won’t feel like crying at the thought of eating.  It makes me REALLY excited to think that I don’t have to be in pain for the rest of my life EVERY time I eat or drink something.  Now it makes sense why juice is SO amazingly painful… it’s like shaking up burning acid inside me, splashing against the walls of my stomach.  I’m still scared to death of juice and it’ll probably take me a while before I dare to try any, but… the thought of maybe being able to drink again without wanting to kill myself… now that’s a fun thought :).  Crossing my fingers that these pills do the trick.  I already take pills every single day, so what’s one more?!

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