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Sometimes, for reasons I don’t even really know, I find myself really thinking about how lucky I am to have Bart.  I tell him I love him every day, but I don’t know if I ever really tell him how much I appreciate him and what it is that I love about him.  I think a lot of women (myself included, I admit) tend to get sucked into the very bad habit of focusing on things that annoy them about their men.  I want to try to focus on things I love about him.  Thanks Jess for making me think about this…

Just 25 of the hundreds of reasons I love Bart.

1. He does extremely silly things just to make me laugh.

2. He always saves the “last” of something for me (the last pickle, the last scoop of pasta, the last ice cream sandwich, etc.)

3. He never has a problem washing dishes or vacuuming and I don’t even have to ask him.

4. He puts the dishes away because he knows I despise doing it.

5. He makes dinner a LOT.

6. I love his hands.

7. He is very patient with me.

8. I love that he is not afraid to speak his mind and that he sticks up for me even if it’s difficult.

9. He’s extremely intelligent.

10. I love the way he takes the time to explain things to me and draws me pictures when he’s talking about computer stuff.

11. He makes me feel safe, like nothing could get past him to hurt me.

12. Sometimes he puts his phone/laptop/work away just to be with me.

13. He doesn’t ever complain about trivial things (like I do!)

14. I love the face he makes when he’s clearly trying to not laugh at something.

15. I love the way he smells.

16. I love watching him cook.  It amazes me how talented he is.

17. He sticks his tongue out when he’s focusing on something.

18. I love watching him work on cars.

19. His feet never stink.

20. He loves numbers and can solve a math problem in his head in seconds.

21. He listens to me babble about nothing when I can’t sleep.

22. He worries that I’m safe.

23. When he says he’ll do something, he always does.

24. He talks in his sleep sometimes.  It might be odd that I love it, but I really do.

25. Sometimes when he’s frustrated or annoyed with me, he says simply “I love you”.

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