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Meh, that was the first thing that popped into my head.

FINALLY, after literally at least a dozen attempts and redirects and being transferred here and there and everywhere… we have officially found out who holds our mortgage.  Funny thing is, I had called them a few days ago because I was directed there by someone else and the girl I talked to said she did NOT have us in her system and she couldn’t help me.  Funny.  Well we ARE in their system, got the new loan number, registered online and made the payment!  This is probably the latest we’ve ever made our rent, like ever.  I feel much better having it submitted and taken care of so I can stop worrying about it.  Phew.

Yesterday I discovered my other half lives in Iowa.  Marilee, who joined the birthmombuds forums a couple months ago, apparently is almost exactly like me.  LOL  We talked on MSN yesterday and discovered that all the things I thought were crazy about me, she’s the same way.  It just felt really cool talking to someone that didn’t think all my “weird” things, were that weird at all.  I love you Marilee!!!

I LOVE my new boss.  Don’t get me wrong, I totally love Kent as well and he was a great boss, but with all the changes that have taken place with the “new” company, I’ve been feeling very optimistic.  I talked to Bruce about some of my “issues” in the office and first of all, felt great that I felt comfortable talking to him about it and secondly, he addressed it almost immediately.  I guess for the first time, I actually feel like I’m wanted here in this company.  That sounds bad… but I mean, like they want ME, not just any person that’s willing to take the job.  Everyone’s replaceable and that’s just fact, but for the first time, I FEEL like I’m not.  It’s a good feeling, whether it’s just for my benefit or not.  I’m just feeling very optimstic about my future here, rather than wondering if I have one.

Ok, I have a follow-up appointment with the Doctor for my hand on the 14th.  At the last visit (about a week ago) he was really unhappy about the lack-of progress in movement and basically because I begged – gave me until the 14th and if there wasn’t improvement, I *had* to go to a physical therapist.  Well, I don’t know if there’s been much improvement.  I still can’t make a fist and it hurts pretty badly when I try.  Bart really thinks that it’s gotten a lot better and unfortunately I can’t really tell because it doesn’t FEEL like it, but he says when I’m trying to make a fist, I’m bending a lot further than I was before.  It made me feel a little more optimistic because I’ve kind of been concerned about it… ok not kind of… I’ve been REALLY freaked out about not being able to use my hand fully.  If I can’t make a fist by next Monday, I’m not even going to go to the appointment with the doctor, I’ll just make an appointment with a physical therapist.  I don’t like the idea of having to do physical therapy, but I won’t just let my hand be handicapped the rest of my life if I can do something to prevent/fix it.  Our Aflac agent has been SO great too… I filled out the paperwork necessary for the claim, which was REALLY simple and then he sent it all in for me and basically I just sit back and wait for a check.  lol.  If they need more information (or copies of the x-rays or what not) then that might come up, but other than that… nothin.  Too simple!!  It at least looks better, right??


Labor Day is Monday!  YAY!!! No work :)  We don’t even have any specific plans, but I’m excited for a long weekend.  It’s always nice to have an extra day off to sleep in :P.

Oh!  Jake and I went to see “Taking Woodstock” last weekend.  It was a hilariously weird movie, although we expected nothing less… afterall, it was WOODSTOCK!  Definitely not a movie for kids though LOL.  It was a lot of fun though and really nice to hang out with Jake, just us two.  Afterwards we went to ihop and hung out before I took him home.


This was his creation with the leftover food LOL.  I’ve named him “Phil”


Things have just been really good lately.  I feel good in general and I’m happy and excited that everything seems to be looking up and working out smoothly.

And I love Bart so much, I just wanna tell everyone! He’s so awesome and I just don’t want to imagine my life without him.  😀

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