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We’ve been in our house for about a month 1/2 now and our first mortgage payment is due September 1st.  I made myself an assignment on Monday to figure out how we were supposed to go about paying it (online payment, over the phone, take a check in, etc.) Well, Taylor, Bean & Whitaker had sent us a billing statement and on that paper was their contact information, so I called.  Their 1-888 number provided a pre-recorded message that said “We are experiencing a high call volume at this time.  Please try back later” and disconnected.  I tried calling this number about 5 different times on Monday, trying to wait a good while in between attempts and continued receiving that message.  Tuesday as well.  I then looked up the local number for their office in Midvale (Murray?  I dunno, one of those “M” cities) and it was busy.  I was getting pretty frustrated at this point and even a little stressed.  Long story short, I finally discovered (by desperately asking the loan officer that helped us with the house) if she knew anything about it.  Just so happens that she has her mortgage through them as well and she hadn’t learned until a few days ago that Taylor, Bean & Whitaker no longer exists (basically).  So, we found out who are loan is now through and I called and we’re actually not active yet, so we CAN’T make our payment and I have to wait until we get a letter from them in the mail giving us our new loan account number.  *Sigh*  I didn’t know it’d be so hard to make a bank take our money :P.

Last night Bart and I went down to Santaquin and watched Kaitlyn’s soccer game (or, the last 20 minutes of it I should say).  It was HILARIOUS!  Watching 5-6 year olds chase after a ball in a big lump of kicking legs and flying arms is the funniest thing EVER!  I took a few pictures, but forgot to upload them last night.  I’ll add some here as soon as I do.  Most of the really good moments ended up too blurry in the pictures, but there were a few times that I was laughing to tears.  Anyway… very entertaining.  I’m looking forward to her future games.

I really haven’t been sleeping well lately and I don’t know why.  It’s been a couple weeks I think and this past week especially I’ve been noticing it even worse.  Like it’s catching up with me slowly and now I’m just tired ALL the time.  I feel like I’m a zombie (oh, hence the title of this entry).  I wake up probably 10+ times in the middle of the night and every time I wake up, it’s as if my brain never quieted to begin with and it just restarts right where it left off… 100 mph.  I think me not sleeping is contributing to me feeling not so great… like headaches, nauseous, etc.  I feel like I need to be heavily drugged and left alone in my bed for an entire week or something.  No matter what I do, I can’t sleep.  I’ve even stooped to trying those silly things like “sleep lotion” and “rub this on your wrists and inhale”.  I don’t think it made one bit of difference and I still feel the same.  I dunno… hopefully it stops soon.  I’m not sure what else I can do about it.  *Shrug*

I’m too tired to finish this.  I’ve seriously had it open for about an hour now.  LOL

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