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I really can’t say that I’m surprised, because I knew that something would get in the way of us getting a house.  I know that’s a bad attitude to have, but I was right… right?  Well, we went on a month-to-month contract at our apartment because we fully intended on basically having a house before the end of March (maybe not closing and moving in and all that, but seriously… at least finding one).  Well, up until now, everything’s been fine.  We’ve gone through what feels like a gazillion houses, submitted an offer on the house we wanted, continued looking at houses, started not trusting our realtor, fired her, canceled our offer on that house, etc.  Well, we’ve met with our new realtor (the realtor that helped Zack get his house) and we totally love her, then we started working with her sister, who is the loan officer/financial person (whatever her title is… she’s the one that gets you the loan).  Well, she ran our credit yesterday and as of like this week, there is a judgment on my credit from Comcast.  I was completely shocked about this because I had no idea what it could be.  First of all, I haven’t had Comcast in my name since I lived in Orem, which was like 4 1/2 years ago.  So, I called Comcast and this judgment is listed for a modem that I rented that was never paid for or returned.  This is funny for two reasons.  First: I never rented a modem from them, David, our old roommate, gave me his modem before we moved and Second: I DID return it after I moved because they basically accused David of stealing it, although Bart and I were under the impression he purchased it.  I remember returning it.  Now, 4 1/2 years later, it’s being reported to my credit.  My first annoyance is that they didn’t send me anything to even tell me about this or say that I owed them anything or whatever, so I had NO clue about it.  If I had received letters or some kind of communication, I would have definitely fixed this before it became a judgment.  This judgment, by the way, has dropped my credit score by 20 points, making it impossible to approve me for a home loan.  That’s right, we cannot be approved now.  Even IF (or should I say WHEN) Comcast removes the judgment and even if they can put my credit score back to what it was, we’ve learned that as of February 26, 2009, FHA requires a 620 credit score, so my credit would still be too low.  Therefore = We cannot get a house.  At least not right now.  I’ll have to fix this shit with Comcast and then figure out a way to raise my credit score so we can try again, hopefully before next YEAR.

My second bit is also frustrating, but not quite as much as the above.  They discovered on my credit that I have an “Alias”.  I found this out by the loan officer very politely asking “I need to know if you’ve ever gone by any name other than Destiny”.  The tone of her voice implied that she was pressing toward something.  I have an alias on my credit = Heidi Kroeber.  Coicidence… that’s my sister’s name.  I felt ridiculous doing it, but even sent my sister a text asking her if she’s ever, for any reason, used my social security number… of course she hasn’t (and I didn’t have any real thought that she HAD) so I have no idea how that could be on there.  Either way, it doesn’t look good on me.  It looks like I’m not who I say I am.  Ugh.  I have to dispute it, but in order to dispute it, I need a printed copy of my credit report, which takes up to 10 business days to receive.  So, now we wait.

I can’t help but feel like crap.  It is always me pulling us down.  My past; one way or another, drags us down.  I’m grateful Bart doesn’t have to deal with stuff like this on his credit, but I feel like crap that he basially has to deal with it anyway, because of me.  He always cleans everything up for me and I wish I could just do something on my own for once, without needing anyone else.  I can’t erase my past or go back in time and make different choices, or handle things differently, so I get to live with it forever… forever haunting me of stupid shit that I did, or didn’t do, 4++ years ago.  Will it EVER completely go away?!

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