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So, I’m staying down at Lena’s house until Monday with the kids while she and Ryan are on their cruise to the bahamas (lucky!  psh)  I stopped on my way down last night and got my hair cut and highlighted.  I cut it shooort!  (Like almost chin length) but it feels so good to have it cut again.

I don’t know how Lena can get three kids ready for school every day (and still make it to work on time!)  Last night while we were getting ready for bed, Kaitlyn said “I bet you miss Bart.  I’ll sleep with you so you’re not lonely”.  LOL I was a bit lonely though!  I’m not used to sleeping alone.  I already miss Bart, so I think 5 nights apart will probably be good for us.  We got to bed around 10:30, then Kaitlyn was chattering about school and her mom’s cruise, then what her teacher was planning for what they were going to do for Valentines Day and then about what she’s learning in school, etc.  As tired as I was, I really was enjoying listening to her.  She LOVES school and it’s so adorable.  I don’t want to discourage her from talking about it.  Every few minutes or so, I’d say “ok, it’s time to close your eyes”… well, she responded with “ok they’re closed.  I can still talk with my eyes closed though”, so… I had to rephrase “Ok, you should try to fall asleep now”!  hahaha.  So, we didn’t get to SLEEP until at least 11:30.

I had to wake up at about 5:45 (I usually get up between 6:45-7:15, depending on my laziness) and Kaitlyn was snoring and practically laying on top of me.  hahaha.  So, I took a quick shower, got dressed (partially) threw moose in my hair and flund it around, woke up Jairus (I was very grateful that it was so easy to get him up), then got Kaitlyn in the bath while trying to do my hair and throw the rest of my clothes on, meanwhile going downstairs every ten minutes or so trying to get Jake out of bed… He kept saying he didn’t feel good (they kind of have all had colds and still have coughs) and that he didn’t want to go to school.  I was about to let him stay home, mostly because I was starting to stress that I’d be late for work, but I told him I wasn’t going to let him stay home because Lena would probably be upset at me.  He seemed to care enough about that so finally got out of bed at like 7:30 (I might mention here that his bus comes at like 7:15-7:20… so….) then Kaitlyn didn’t know where any of her clothes were, couldn’t find underwear, etc. etc. etc.  So, we were looking for her clothes, which for some reason seemed to be at all areas of the house (and Jairus was very helpful and got ready really fast, then was helping her find her clothes) and then had to get Kaitlyn breakfast.  I really love that they have uniforms for school.  It makes it a little easier to avoid the “I don’t wanna wear that today” “No not that” “I don’t know what I want to wear”… They basically have options between Navy blue, White and khaki.  Jairus has blue slacks and khaki slacks (wouldn’t be crazy enough to give a 12 year old WHITE pants) and and then polo type shirts in each color.  Kaitlyn has the same color options, but since she’s a girl, it just makes it funner.  She wore a white polo shirt with a navy clue, adorable, classing “school girl” jumper and white tights.  I guess they have to wear those colors for uniforms, but the funny thing is, they can wear any shoes they want… soooo… Kaitlyn insisted on wearing her bright pink sneakers.  Yeah.  Seriously though, I really do love the idea of uniforums because it almost completely eliminates kids making fun of other kids for their clothes or kids not fitting in and stuff.  If parents can’t afford fancy designer clothes or something, that’s not a problem because everyone wears the same thing!

Charter schools don’t serve school lunch, so they have to bring lunch every day.  Along with something for lunch, Kaitlyn has to have at least 2 snacks for herself during the day.  Lena has these little sticky notes on the fridge and instructed me that Kaitlyn is supposed to have one note from her and one from Ryan every day, so she puts them in her lunch box every day before school.  She looks forward to the notes and I think it’s a cute idea.  It reminds her that her parents love her and are thinking of her all day!  She wanted me to write her a note too, so I did.  lol.  I got them to their school (as well as the neighbor boys who Lena takes to school every morning and then their mom picks them all up at the end of the day) and then to Payson to drop Jake off at the Jr. High.  I’m surprised I wasn’t late for work!  It wasn’t too bad though… it only took about 20 minutes to get from Payson to AF.  The kids will be on their own between 3 and 6 ish, but I’m actually going to try to get off a little early and avoid a little bit of the traffic.

Yay, I get to do it all over again tomorrow!  :)

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