Monday, September 22, 2008

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Yes, it’s Monday.  Almost every single Monday, I end up having the “Just another manic Monday” song stuck in my head.  Seriously, like every Monday.  lol

I had a really good weekend and so far it’s carrying over to this week.  Today’s been fairly slow at work, although I’ve already got quite a bit done.  Slow “work” wise, but the day is going by fast.

Friday was Lisa’s birthday and to celebrate, we (Zack, Xoe, Bart, Lisa and me) went to Park City and had dinner at the “Wasatch Brewery”.  I’d never been to Park City before, which everyone thinks is just insane.  lol.  I love it there.  It just seems like a completely different world from the Norm of Utah.  The second we pulled into town, it reminded me of being in Seattle and I felt so at home.  I wish I could afford to live up there!!!  Everything is so close together, but it feels so secluded.  Seriously, just like it’s own little world!  So, we had dinner and tried a couple fancy (to me anyway) beers and then walked up and down the streets and looked at all the cool shops, although at only 9:30, almost all of them were closed!  That’s probably a good thing though, because there was so much cool stuff, I probably would have spent money that I don’t have.  I’m not even a shopper and even I would shop there!  I’ll have to go up there with Lisa sometime and go to the Outlet malls where apparently they have really good deals on stuff.  Woohoo!

Saturday was Robin’s 23rd Birthday and she invited Bart and me to stay up at the cabin with them (Russell’s uncle has a nice cabin up Loafer Canyon).  We all had a lot to drink, me, much more than I’m used to.  I very rarely drink and when I do, it’s an occasional glass or two of wine or even a beer (most recent discovery… some beers aren’t that bad!!)  It was a lot of fun though and was SO nice to be with Robin and her family again.  Jake, Angie and Chad were there, then Jake’s wife Tracy and Angie’s boyfriend Shawn… and of course Robin and Russell, then Bart and me.  I haven’t seen any of her siblings for almost 7 years and I was surprised at how comfortable it was being around them.  It literally felt like that 7 years never happened and we’ve never been apart.  I was even more thrilled that Bart actually liked them.  Not so much Tracy, but he really likes Russell and Jake and Angie, although he and Angie didn’t talk that much, so I’m not totally sure if he was able to form a full opinion of her.  It would be really nice to hang out with all of them again.  Robin and I were talking about possibly getting together for the weekend of my birthday and at least play games or something.  It’s just so nice to have that family back in my life.  People that really know me and know my past and don’t judge me for it.  They were always my second family.

Yesterday we got home around 10am and had breakfast, then pretty much laid around, took naps and “recovered” from the night before.  lol.  It was nice to actually just kick back and not do anything for almost a whole day.  We went to Zack’s around 4 or so and Bart helped him cut logs, then we had dinner and Lisa cut Bart’s hair, then we went home.  :)

So, the next “Biggest Loser Challenge” starts on October 8th and I’ve committed to coming back for another challenge.  I didn’t get anywhere near my original goal for the 12 week challenge, but have to consider that for about 6-7 of those weeks, I had broken ribs and could barely move, let alone exercise.  Since I don’t have any “handicaps” working against me this time around, I’m going to start again for this challenge and work as hard as I possibly can.  Realistically, I only have about 12 more lbs. until I reach my first “mini” goal of losing 30 lbs. by my birthday of this year.  I’m not sure if I can lose 12 lbs before my birthday, considering my birthday is in 3 weeks, but at least I’ll be fairly close to the goal I made back in May.

I still have 3 more hours of work and I decided that I could at least get the few things I have in my bin filed, just so I don’t have to worry about them later in the week when it will be busier.  Heh.

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