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I use dictionary.com a lot when I want to confirm that I’m spelling something correctly… anyway, my point is that every day on their main page, there’s a “Word of the day” and I think it’s funny.  Today’s word was “Naif”.  What a weird word.  I’m sure people could often use that word to describe me. LOL

A while ago I started fondly referring to every other Tuesday as “Busy Tuesday”.  Every other Tuesday is the day that Sheri comes in to run her big client and it’s also the same day that I run mine.  It’s always a way busy day, FedEx packages fill the entire desk in the front office and there’s rarely time to just sit.  It always goes fast though.  Sometimes too fast.  By the time 5:00 came around yesterday, I had no idea it was 5:00.  I didn’t realize it until Dianna was headed out the door and said “See you guys tomorrow!”  Ha.  Today should be slower, although today I will get the “big one” from Idaho.  It’s just a pain to enter all the stuff…

Yesterday was my Weigh in for the challenge and I was really happy that I’m down one more pound.  The past week 1/2 I’ve slacked severely on exercising.  I need to figure out a “schedule” or routine for my workouts.  I’ve had a hard time with this since Bart started working the same hours as me.  When he gets home, I’d just rather spend time with him than work out and I have proved that I’m not being strong enough to just make myself do it.  I really wish we had a house that I could dedicate one room to be the workout room.  I REALLY think it would help me!  A lot of the time when I’m exercising at home, I feel like if I put in all my energy, the people below us are going to be bothered by me jumping around.  So far I’ve lost 18 lbs. though and that feels good enough that it really shows me that I NEED to keep going because it IS possible for me to reach my goal.

I’ve had fun with my “new” car :).  I’ve had it for a week now and I think it finally feels like it’s mine.  Last night Bart and I went to Walmart after dinner and I drove… something about him sitting in the passenger seat and me driving made it really feel like it was officially my car.  LOL!  I’ll get to make the payment in a few weeks (Woohoo!… yeah) so I’m sure it’ll feel even more like mine once that starts.  Heh.  I’ll admit I’m kind of nervous about that payment (it’s $85.00 more than I was paying on the Suzuki and $120.00 more than the required payment on the Suzuki).  We’ll see how it goes.  I just worry too much.  *Sigh*

I was kindly reminded yesterday (by a client) that Labor Day is Monday and my office will be closed!  HA!  Yeah… I totally didn’t know that, or just didn’t realize it… whatever.  So YAY!  Long weekend!  :)  Bart said Nick is coming up this weekend, so we may hang out with him (and probably his wife?  I assume she’d come with him?) on Saturday night and then Sunday night I think we’re going to stay the night at the Cabin with Bart’s mom, maybe Mary (?) Cody and Lila… I’m not sure who else, but it’s nice up there and I’m looking forward to the cool air, mountains and shady grass.  Aaaaaw relaxation :)  I can’t wait :)

Today was Kaitlyn’s first day of Kindergarten!!!  Lena just sent me a picture and she said she’ll upload more later.  She’s soooooooooooo cute!!!! *Squeal* hehehehe

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