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I have been in a really good mood today and I’m not sure why. Maybe because of the way I was woken up this morning, lol :). I dunno, but I’m having a good day. I should just be happy about that.

I got a call this morning from one of the companies I submitted my resume to yesterday (sent my resume to about 15 different places) and I have an interview on Monday at 12:30 in Provo, so I’m just gonna take a lunch and go do that. I couldn’t tell you what the position is or how much it pays, because I sent my resume to so many places that I’m not sure which one this is! But that’s ok.

I’m starting to feel excited about the thought of getting a new job, having a change of scenery and moving on with things. I wanna have new experiences and opportunities and although the whole process of getting and starting a new job isn’t all that great, I’m still excited for the thought of it. I actually find myself feeling bad just thinking “what the hell is the company gonna do when I leave?” Ashley’s last day is Tuesday, Camilla is brand new, Jessica hasn’t been in her new position long enough to know what to do and so I’m wondering how difficult it will be for them once I leave. Logically… that’s not my problem and I shouldn’t be concerned, but I love these girls and I don’t want to make things harder for them.

On Monday when I start over at College Terrace, I’m going to focus on training Camilla with being more comfortable with running the office. I figure if I can train her as much as possible between now and the time that I leave to start a new job, hopefully she’ll be ok on her own. I’m not sure who they’d put in my place, but… again… shouldn’t be my concern.

Today is another day where I’m kind of feeling a little useless. I’m still in my office, yet this isn’t my JOB anymore, so I’m basically not doing anything. I’m gonna start cleaning out my desk and straighten up the office sometime before I leave today so I just don’t have to come back. I have so much stuff in here, I’m not totally sure I can do it all today though, so we’ll see.

I’m going to Heather’s again tonight to hang out with her and the boys… I’ll probably try to talk her into going out by herself though so she can have some alone time. With Christopher gone, she just gets NO break from the boys and I can’t imagine how hard that is…

I’m looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and just spending the day lounging at home. I really want to clean ’cause the house is dirty, so I’ll probably do that too, but that is actually relaxing to me. Cleaning is a good way to get out frustrations or just think by yourself. I’m gonna get Bart to help me finish this page too :p since it’s still not “secure”.

I’m hungry.

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