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Today has been CRAZY!  I guess I just didn’t really think about how busy it was going to be.  I knew tomorrow would be busy, but yeah… wasn’t prepared for it to be slammed today.  Today has flown by really fast and then about ten minutes ago, came to a screetching halt.  I don’t even know how many payrolls I’ve done but it feels like a hundred. lol.  Whew.

We went camping Friday thru Sunday down at the Palisades with Bart’s dad, step mom and sisters.  Julie’s parents came as well and then on Saturday night, Grandma and Grandpa Moorman came as well  (then shortly after, uncle Rick and random kids showed up).  The weekend was fun though and I’m THRILLED that I didn’t get sunburnt :).  Woohoo!  We ended up leaving early (around 9am) Sunday morning so we could make it back with enough time to go to lunch at Christopher’s.  Bart didn’t end up coming with me, which was fine and I didn’t really expect him to, but then I got there and no one even showed up!  My parents, of course along with Don and Brenda (and Jairus came with them), but other than them, it was just Heather’s, Christopher and me.  Lena’s family didn’t come and neither did Harmony!  :(  I was disappointed, but it was ok.  They seemed kind of rushed because they were heading down to Bryce Canyon and wanted to get on the road.  So, I think I was there for maybe an hour 1/2 total and then they left, so I went home.  I decided that I really like Brenda.  She’s really nice and she reminds me of Emily and Sam’s mom in a way.  Heh.  I still just feel like I don’t know Don at all.  I don’t DISlike him, I just don’t know him.  Meh.

So, I was able to work up the courage to talk to Bart about Jimmy writing.  I’ve felt so guilty for not telling him for the longest time because I felt like I was “keeping” something from him.  The only reason I hadn’t talked to him about it before is because the last time Jimmy wrote (like 2 years ago), Bart really seemed to not want anything to do with it and I felt bad for bringing it up.  The bad thing is, I am really glad that Jimmy is seemingly doing well.  He seems to be opening his eyes to life around him and realizing maybe he doesn’t want to live the way he is.  Maybe he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life in prison and he doesn’t want his son to be ashamed of the person he chose to be.  Jimmy is a good person, I just wish he’d mature enough to accept the facts of life and maybe make some better choices for himself!  This morning Emily told me that she got 2 more letters for me from him.  In a way, I feel like I should tell Bart when I get letters, but at the same time, I feel like he doesn’t want to know.  I just don’t know if I DON’T tell him, will he feel alienated about it later on?  *Sigh*  I just don’t know.  I guess I’ll just take it as it comes.  I just didn’t want Bart to feel uncomfortable or threatened by the fact that I am writing Jimmy BACK.  …Yeah.  Plooie.

I’ve had a migraine from my waste to my brain all day today.  I was fine this morning and then basically the second I got to work, it hit me pretty hard.  So hard that I seriously wonder if I twisted wrong or messed up something small when I sat down… I don’t know, but I’ve been feeling like I want to throw up all day so far.  I slept surprisingly well last night too!  Even with Bart playing games or whatever he was doing on his phone last night :p  LOL!

Lisa lent me “Breaking Dawn” on Friday and I was planning on reading it over the weekend, then Kent brought to my attention that my 1 year evaluation is this week and I need to turn in Chapter 1 thru 9 quizzes of “The Payroll Source”.  I tried studying while we were at the Palisades, but I only got like half of Chapter 3 test on paper.  It just wasn’t very successful with people running around and then someone trying to talk to me every five minutes.  Heh.  Lately I’ve been having books piling up on my “To Read” list!  I’m still not done with “The Last Witness” although I’m pretty close to done, then I need to read Breaking Dawn, although I’ve considered starting back at the first one and re-reading them… I also have “B-Mother” that I’ve been wanting to read, although I bought it, so I’m not in too much of a hurry on that one.  Then Brie (from my bmombuds group) suggested a book called “Next Thing On My List” that sounded really good and probably an emotional one from the sounds of it.  lol.  I still haven’t read the book my mom gave me called “The Marvelous Journey Home”.  She even had the Author autograph it! :)  Anyway… definitely a list of books I want to read.  Now that Bart works days and is home at night, I don’t read nearly as much as I’d like to!  I always feel like I’m ignoring him or something if I sit and read instead of hanging out with him.

Alright, well it was a pretty good and enjoyed break in between the swamp of clients, but now it’s back… so, back to work I go!

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