Day 220 of 2008

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It IS day 220 of 2008.  This year was a leap year, right?…. :\

There isn’t a whole lot of reason for this post today other than work is fairly slow today, I’m technically on my “lunch” break and I have nothing pressing to attend to.  Becky isn’t here today and neither is Kent, so it’s especially quiet today (not saying that they’re LOUD, but… ya know).  Dianna went to Subway and got both of us sandwiches, so now we’re just kind hangin’ out, eating our lunch.  I worked really hard to get my work done Monday thru yesterday planning on not being here tomorrow, which was a good thing because we did decide we’re going to Vegas this weekend.  I had already requested the day off, so I’m going to just take the day off even though Bart has to work.  Hopefully I can get the whole apartment cleaned and maybe do some things that I’ve been meaning to get done and get a few things together for the weekend.  If I do all of that and still have time to kill, then I’ll probably come into work for a while.

Bart’s birthday was Tuesday and although he didn’t have the best day, he did like his present :).  Charlie and Kandis also got him a present, which I was very happy about because I get the impression Bart thinks no one thinks about his birthday.  I can’t say I blame him at all because for the past 9 years, Xoe has basically gotten all the attention on “their” birthday.  It frustrates me more and more every year seeing that the results are basically the same… I’m not saying they need to throw him a huge party and invite clowns and strippers or what not… but he gets very, very minimal attention on that day.  His mom did give him a birthday card and some money (don’t know how much, but really it doesn’t matter), so that was nice.  She definitely doesn’t FORGET that it’s his birthday, I guess birthdays just understandably mean more to a 9 year old than they do to a 23 year old.  Anyway, we went to Xoe’s party at Chuck-E-Cheese and I guess it was fun for a bit, but it didn’t end that fun and I was on the very edge of a possible outburst of frustration, so I think we left at exactly the right moment before I blurted what was on my mind and caused even more problems.  Heh.  Anyway… Yeeeaaah.  Happy Birthday baby :)

Ok, so… Nine Inch Nails is coming to Utah on September 3rd.  I’m going, over course.  That shouldn’t even be a question, but now I don’t know if I have anyone to go with me.  If I have to go alone, I will, but I would rather have someone to go WITH.  Emily and Sam are probably not going to be able to go now and I really wish I could just afford to buy all three of our tickets :(.  I really do wish I could because I REALLY want them to see him live.  I went maybe 2 years ago (is that when he was here last?) and it was by far the BEST concert I have ever been to and he’s just amazing.  Amazing!  I’m excited for the event either way, but we’ll see if I can dig up some participants before then.  Maybe, just maybe, I might even be able to talk Bart into going ;).  Heidi has a friend, Sean (“Toast”) that is going to the show in Colorado and then basically following Trent to Utah, so I may meet up with him so I just have someone to stand by and look like I have a friend.

I am now in week 5 of the Biggest Loser Challenge and although I’m not exactly where I’d LIKE to be at this point in the challenge (weight wise), I’m not fully discouraged.  Although I’m not using it as an excuse, but definitely realize that because of having to deal with cracked ribs, I definitely had a significant obsticle preventing me from doing my absolute best.  At least I haven’t GAINED any weight in these 5 weeks.  So far in the five weeks, I’ve lost 4 lbs.  HAHA.  That does make a total weight loss so far of 16 lbs since I started on Sparkpeople and made the decision to change my nutritional lifestyle.  I definitely feel better than I have in a long time though.  1. I’m sleeping better, 2. I have more energy and I’m HAPPIER (probably because of #1 and 2 :p)  I have definitely noticed that my every day moods have greatly improved.  My ribs have really almost completely healed and I’m able to do regular workouts now.  They only hurt when I’m getting up (like getting out of bed in the morning) and if I lift my arms too high above my head, stuff like that… so, I can’t do sit ups, which was a regular part of my workout routine, but everything else seems ok and I don’t need pain killers anymore.  I definitely hope I never have to deal with cracked/broken ribs again.  It’s been like 6 1/2 weeks since it happened and I’m still not 100% functional LOL.  I am grateful I can breathe though.  Breathe and bend.  Woohoo!  The things we take for granted… tsk tsk.

I do have some work to do now!  Not really mine, it’s Becky’s, haha… but, since she’s not here, I’m doing it.  Toodaloo.

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