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Well, I’m back to work! I was actually back yesterday, but it was such a crazy day, it just flew by and I didn’t even have a moment to breathe.  haha.  Because I was off Monday, we’re closed Friday and the 5th is a Saturday, I’m having to basically squeeze 200 clients into a three day period.  It’s actually not as bad as I had anticipated it being.  I got a lot done yesterday with no major crisis’.

Lake Powell was fun.  Hot, but fun.  Saturday was only about 100 degrees, but then Sunday was about 105.  Skylar and Jake rode down with me and we got there around 9:00pm, which took a lot longer than we thought it would.  So we basically just hung out for a bit and then went to sleep.  Saturday morning we got up, I made breakfast and then we went down to the Lake and hung out on the beach.  Everyone took turns with the boats, which was fun.  The water was really nice.  It was the perfect temperature and I didn’t want to get out!  I think I was in the water for a total of about 2 1/2 hours total, which resulted in my sunburnt face.  lol.  It was way fun though!  Brian, Harmony, Jairus and I went out on the boat together and we stopped next to Lone Rock, where I felt like jumping out and taking a swim.  The water was just so nice, I didn’t wanna get out!  I swam ’til I was a bit too tired and when I was trying to pull myself back in the boat, which proved to be quite difficult, I heard a loud, quick *CRACK*.  Probably more like a *SNAP* (like a twig breaking).  It scared me pretty bad and I had a huge shooting pain all throughout my chest/stomach, so I kind of just freaked out and held still for a few minutes, not daring to move.  Finally Brian pulled me back into the boat… make a long story short – I’m pretty sure I either broke, cracked, or severely bruised a rib (or ribS).  My mom checked it and said it’s very possible, although I thought it was unlikely because I figured if you BROKE your ribs, you wouldn’t be able to move very well… she said that’s actually not true and that they really can’t DO anything for a broken/cracked rib, so there’s nothing to do, but basically wait it out.  It’s pretty close to the most painful thing I’ve experienced other than labor, but… heh… what am I gonna do?  I can’t really just lay around at home and miss work.  Especially not this week.  It’s extremely painful to get up and down in and out of my chair and I wish I didn’t have to move at all.  Taking a deep breath hurts just as bad as well as moving side to side, or front to back… so I pretty much can stand upright, perfectly still and I can lay on my back.  That’s about it.  LOL.

If it wasn’t for the heat down there at good ol’ Wahweap, I would have loved to been able to stay all week with my family.  No significant fights, nothing dramatic and I really enjoyed being “away”.  I really didn’t like the heat though.  I came to the solid conclusion that I’m just not a desert camper.  I very much prefer the mountains.  If I have the choice, I would prefer to never, ever go camping in the desert again, unless it’s in the fall or winter.

If I can at least make it through the work day, I’m thinking I’ll have to take advantage of the Lortab we have at home :(

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