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That’s right.  Three more days and it’ll be the start of my small little well desired vacation to Lake Powell with my family.  I was able to get the 30th off so I could have one extra day down there, so I’m happy about that, but extremely stressed about next week and cramming 5 days of work into 3 days.  I’ll have Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to do all payrolls that would normally either be ont he 5th (which is a Saturday in July, so we have to revert to the business day before it), as well as the bi-weekly (every other Friday) which also have to revert to the day before because we’re not open, nor are banks, on July 4th.  I’m trying really hard to concentrate on this week and then have fun while I’m at Lake Powell and worry about the stress of work when I get back. There’s no point in stressing about it while I should be relaxing.  Hopefully I can accomplish not thinking about it while I’m camping.

This week is slow and I really wish the pay periods didn’t off set like they do because I wish I could just do a bunch of extra payrolls this week to make up for next.  Most pay periods don’t even end until the 30th, so I can’t do anything this week.  At least not for those clients.  *Sigh*.  Becky’s got Young Womens camp all week, so she’ll be gone all day today, half day tomorrow, half day Thursday and all day Friday.  I really hope she can manage to do her payrolls in the mornings that she’s here because I really don’t feel like doing them for her, although of course I will if needed.

So, found out yesterday that Taisha’s baby is a girl.  She’s naming her Nevaeh Rayne – last name isn’t fully decided yet; whether the baby will take Kyler’s last name (Floherty or something) or Taisha’s.  I got thinking, I’m not even positive what name Taisha is going by these days.  I wonder if she still goes by Barney or if she’s managed to just pick up her mom’s last name and go by that.  Anyway, that’s that.  The baby is due December 23rd.  That’s what they told me when I was pregnant with Dustin (well, they said December 25th) and then they changed his due date to January 3rd and, well… he was born January 11th.  lol.  I hope she does well though and can stay healthy during the pregnancy.  I wish the best.

So, Emily, Sam and I went to the Ani Difranco concert on Saturday.  Wonderful.  I loved hearing her music that close up.  It’s a lot different than listening to a CD, and she’s so funny.  She talks to the crowd in between songs and she’s just… funny.  Before the concert, we went to some “Train” restaurant (for the life of me, I cannot remember what it was called!) but it’s basically chinese, so yeah.  It was good and we had fun.  After the concert, we went and got ice cream at Baskin Robin’s which also rocked and then found ourselves driving basically all over downtown SLC trying to find a way out of the construction!  It seemed like every road that we needed to take to end up back at Sam’s place was closed for construction.  So, a lot of flipping U-ies on like every road and Sam speeding around like the mad crazy driver she is 😉 hahaha.  Just kidding.  It was really fun though and very much needed.  It felt SO good to get out with my best friends and not worry about work the next day or whether we had TIME to do what we wanted to.  It didn’t feel stressful at all and I genuinely had fun.  Sam brought up that she would like us to all come sleep over there sometime and Nait was all for it and said that he thought it would be good for her and stuff, which I thought was really cool.  I hope we can do that sometime soon because I really truly forgot how much fun it was to just hang out with my girlfriends and bullshit around and not care about time or work or anything else.  I love when we have the opportunity to do that.  I honestly don’t remember when the last time we did that was.  :)

Anyway, I’m gonna try to get work done today and see who I can talk into doing payrolls early.

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