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Well, forget about all that!  Sheesh.  I went to my eye appointment and found that my vision really has significantly gotten worse over the past year, but she didn’t think I need to wear glasses all the time.  She’s confident that I’m having the problems I have because I’m not wearing reading glasses.  I’m looking at a computer screen all day at work, so naturally by the time I leave at the end of the day and my eyes are able to relax and look at further away things, they tense up and go blurry and/or throb.

Well, I looked at frames and everything and decided on one after narrowing it down… and they were like $300.  After insurance I would only pay about $140 for the frames… fine and dandy… well, with the frames, the prescription, etc. etc.  I will be paying $372 out of pocket.  AFTER insurance. It’s just not possible.  I got my hopes up thinking that pretty soon these problems would be fixed and I wouldn’t have to suffer through every day with throbbing eyeballs and massive migraines.  Well, I just can’t afford that… there’s no way.  So, I’m going to have to keep dealing with it.

I did call and the girl there said that the frames I chose were one of the more expensive frames that they have, so I could come look at others and find a cheaper pair.  That makes me feel a little better, but honestly I don’t want to wear ugly cheap glasses.  I don’t care if they’re CHEAP, but I don’t want ugly glasses.  I know that’s petty, but the simple truth is that if I have to wear them, which I’m already a little annoyed about because I just don’t like having things on my face, I want to at least feel good in them.  I can never find frames that I like…. I was there for like an hour and basically chose the pair that I liked the most, and I still didn’t REALLY like them.  It was like settling for your only option.  I decided that I just don’t have the right kind of face.  My face just doesn’t look good with glasses.  Some people look great with glasses on.  Sometimes I see women with nice glasses and I actually think the glasses make them look prettier… but my face is just dumb.  I’m not saying I’m UGLY blah blah blah… just my face shape.  Maybe if I lose more weight and my face shrinks a little, I’ll feel differently about glasses.  LOL!  My eyes have been bothering me SO badly today (have been since I woke UP) and I was getting so excited of the thought of not dealing with this anymore.  I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the eyeball with a toothpick.  My left eye particularly.  I don’t know why it hurts so badly, but it hurts to even blink.  Plah.

I’m gonna stop ranting.  I need to exercise so I can feel better for the evening.

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