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Obviously some time has passed since my last post, so I thought I’d give an update.  Also I’ll admit I just need to get some thoughts out.  I haven’t talked much about what’s been going on with anyone but immediate family members simply because I’d rather keep the opinions to a minimum (I’ve already had a bit more than I can handle) but I figure not many people other than family read this blog, so who cares?  I’ll just start from the “beginning” of the curve ball:

About the second week of January, I was told to go to the “lab” at the hospital and do my routine glucose test.  They usually do this test around 20 weeks, but I guess there was no reason for concern so it was pushed off.  Still not entirely sure why, but it’s irrelevant.  This is the test where they make you drink a not-so-lovely “sugar” drink, sit for an hour and then after the hour, they draw your blood, etc.  Long story short on that one: I failed.  Miserably.  My glucose level was about 221 or something outrageous like that (120-140 I think is supposed to be the highest).  So, because I failed that, I was ordered to go back for a second test known as the “3 hour test”.  They draw your blood when you first get there, then give you the sugar drink, then draw your blood an hour later, then an hour after that, then one hour after that.  My blood sugar was too high to even GIVE the sugar drink, so I basically failed without even taking it.  Result?  Gestational diabetes.  I didn’t take it well.  I’ve known a handful of people who have had gestational diabetes that managed it just fine and everything was just fine… so I really don’t know why I had such a hard time with it, but I really, really did.  I was crazy emotional.  I’d done my best to keep myself and this baby healthy from the moment we found out I was pregnant, so what had I done wrong?  This is how I felt.  I’ll skip through the weeks of specific details, but again Bart and I did ALL we could do and all we were told to do to manage the diabetes and make sure our baby was taken care of to the best of our ability.  I was first put on a strict diet, given a meter, test strips, lancets and a tracking book and instructed to test my blood 6 times a day.  No problem.  ….No luck.  I was then prescribed Glyburide to add to the strict diet.  A pill?  I can handle that.  …Useless.  The only thing left?  Insulin.  So, we started insulin.  One injection called “Novalog” and the other called “Lantus” (one is a short term – one a long term… not gonna go into detail on that).  Since starting insulin, my dosages have been increased about 3-4 times.  My blood sugars have definitely improved, but are still not under control.  As of now, my insulin dosages are such:

0745 – Check blood sugar: take that number, subtract 100, divide by 20.  Calculate carbs for upcoming meal (30), divide by 4.  Add those two numbers together = Novalog units… Shot.  Set timer for 15 minutes.  Eat.

0915-0930 – Lantus Shot – 33 Units

1030 – Check blood sugar: Eat 30 carb snack

1245 – Check blood sugar:  take that number, subtract 100, divide by 20.  Calculate carbs for upcoming meal (45), divide by 4.  Add those two numbers together = Novalog units… Shot.  Set timer for 15 minutes.  Eat.

1515 – Check blood sugar:  take that number, subtract 100, divide by 20.  Calculate carbs for upcoming meal (45), divide by 4.  Add those two numbers together = Novalog units… Shot.  Set timer for 15 minutes.  Eat.

1815 – Check blood sugar:  take that number, subtract 100, divide by 20.  Calculate carbs for upcoming meal (45), divide by 4.  Add those two numbers together = Novalog units… Shot.  Set timer for 15 minutes.  Eat.

2115 – Check blood sugar:  take that number, subtract 100, divide by 20.  Calculate carbs for upcoming meal (30), divide by 4.  Add those two numbers together = Novalog units… Shot.  Set timer for 15 minutes.  Eat.

2130 – Lantus Shot – 40 Units

Along with the above schedule, I am going to UVRMC (Hospital) every Monday and Thursday morning for NST’s (Non-Stress Tests) where they measure the fluid around the baby and strap me to a monitor for 30-45 minutes and track her heart rate and activity, etc as well as my blood pressure, contractions, etc. (I do have quite a bit of “Braxton Hicks” contractions… often.)  Because of all of this going on, it was decided that I should leave work earlier than planned and stay home.  The original plan from day 1 was that I would work up until she was born.  The plan changed when all of this first started and decided I’d work until the last day of February since baby isn’t due until March 6-11th.  As time went on and there was little to no improvement, the Specialists, our regular OB and Doctors there (I feel like I have an entire TEAM working just for me now…) and Bart’s continuous worry, we decided I’d work until the 15th and that was it.  Then last week at my regular NST, they told me they were concerned about Preeclampsia and that they strongly suggested I not return to work at all.  That was Thursday (the 7th)… the 8th ended up being my last day at work.  Fast forward to yesterday because I’ve already rambled a bit more than I planned… I went in for my regular NST at 0900.  I was hooked up for a LONG time before the nurse finally told me that the doctor was going to come talk to me.  With the amount of fluid around the baby (“24” is high… I’m at 30-36), my high blood pressure and the fact that my blood sugars are STILL not controlled even with MASSIVE amounts of insulin, she looked me in the eye and said “if we wait much longer, we’re risking her being still-born”.  Yup, that was enough to freeeaaak me out.  She then continued on to say she wanted to do an ultrasound right away to get measurements on her so they can get an idea of where she is developmentally then they’ll decide whether to induce this week, etc. etc. etc. I had to stop her mid-sentence and say “I need to call Bart”.  She said we needed to do the ultrasound right now, that she had a free spot.  “No.  I need to call Bart.  He can be here in 5 minutes”.  She finally understood the severity of my panic when I was having a hard time breathing to avoid sobbing hysterically… so she let me call him.  He was there within a few minutes, so we waited a while (I gave up the “free spot” for ultrasound so he could be there LOL) Anyway, she looks good although she’s measuring about 2 weeks ahead.  They estimate she’s about 7 1/2 lbs. which is encouraging because if she HAS to be born 3 weeks early, it makes me feel a little better that maybe she’s developed enough to be ok.  Then they sent us up to Labor & Delivery (where Bart got to witness a woman in active labor – his first experience LOL – he turned to me and said “are you gonna be like that?” HAHAHAHAHA) and we spent the next 3 ish hours being hooked up to monitors, having my blood drawn and start of a 24 hour urine sample.  (Yay.  I just LOVE lugging around a bright orange hazardous waste jug everywhere I go… even better, keeping it in the fridge!  WOOHOO!) anyway, they said that if it was ok, they’d let us go home and we’d induce Monday.  If not they’d induce right then.  Luckily we were released with the awesome orange jug to take home.  I was instructed to pee in the jug until noon the following day (today) and return it to the lab… then call a couple hours after I return it and we’ll make a final plan/schedule induction.  Most likely for Monday.  Yes, THIS Monday.  As in 3 days from now.  But hey, Heather pointed out that if this baby is born on Monday, she and Briella (my newest niece) will be exactly 2 months apart :) LOL  ……*Sigh* So, we have the weekend to get as much ready as possible I guess.  LOL  My mom is coming over today, Harmony is going shopping for stuff tomorrow and I imagine we’ll spend Sunday getting her room finished.  Well, the room is “finished” we just need to organize her closet and stuff.  This is definitely not how I wanted this to go, but I just have to be positive and believe with all my strength that everything will be ok.  She’ll be ok.  (Doesn’t make it any less emotional… but still).

And as requested, here is a picture of my 36 week belly (oh hey, I’m even wearing the same shirt as the last picture I posted LOL) :

36 Weeks


  • Heather says:

    And it’s the shirt I gave you. I’m glad you’ve been able to use it. We will be praying for you and the baby this weekend. Love you.

  • Mindy says:

    You are an amazing women. You will be just fine even if you don’t get everything done this weekend. On Sunday, watch a movie with Bart and just enjoy the moment together whether or not your ready and get plenty of rest.

    I’m glad the doctors know what they are doing enough to help bring your beautiful baby into the world safe. I’ll be thinking of both of you Monday.

    Upside maybe we’ll both give birth on Monday. :)…but most likely I’ll still be waiting. ;D

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